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5 Tips to Styling Your Wedding Reception

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When you start looking for reception styling ideas, you are likely to run into many different themes. Every friend you ask will have a different idea in mind – all of them definitely expecting you to decide on something unique. As you go through this process of planning your dream wedding, it is important to opt for a style that speaks to your personality. Try not to let the differentiating opinions confuse you from selecting the perfect theme and décor for your special day. Trust your instincts and go with what you most love.

There are many things that you will have to consider on when planning the perfect wedding: the venue, the catering, the dance floor, the furniture and of course the décor. The problem with most breathtakingly beautiful venues is that they have an extremely long waiting list, and they also tend to be awfully expensive. If you are looking for reception styling ideas that are both budget-friendly and beautiful, you have arrived at the right place.

The Right Reception Styling for You

AshleyKWeddingPhotographer / Décor- Table Art Event Hire

Photographer: AshleyKWeddingPhotographer / Décor- Table Art Event Hire, Memphis Hire, Pro Light & Sound, Letragraphic Signs

Before you embark on the wedding styling adventure, you need to know roughly what you are looking for otherwise it can easily become overwhelming. Regardless of the venue that you decide upon, you should have a picture in mind of the perfect wedding reception for yourself. Consider the flowers, the furniture, the draping of the curtains and finer elements that you may initially overlook at first.

Remember that while one reception styling idea might appeal to one bride, another might not like it at all. The reception styling you choose should be the perfect one for yourself.

If you are looking for a rustic farm-style reception in a city location then you will have to find a venue that can be customized to your preference. You can add certain elements like wooden tables, lots of greenery and even a backdrop for some themed wedding photos. But remember, not all wedding receptions will allow for such customizations. Some venues are extremely strict and won’t allow you to modify and change the space too much. This can be quite restrictive so definitely keep this in mind.

If you need help finalizing a reception styling idea for your wedding, then here a few things that you should consider:

1. Draping

Picture via- Pinterest

Picture via- Pinterest

While you might have had some ultra-bright neon draping across the school halls on your prom night, your wedding requires a completely different setup. To set a romantic mood across your venue space, opt for drapery that has a white and cream colouring. Even deep rich red or navy can look extremely high-end and luxurious. Fabrics such as velvet, organza and satin are perfect for any couple wanting to achieve a luxurious and formal setting. For a more relaxed venue, consider drapery made from linen or matte crepe fabrics.

2. Décor

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This is the most important element of your reception styling. To make everything come together, you must choose the right décor elements that will complement your theme. All of your décor elements should follow a specific color theme in order to have a consistent aesthetic appeal.

If you are opting for a vintage theme for your reception, then you can add small décor elements such as vintage suitcases at the gift table, and strings of white pearls on the tables. If you have a boho theme, then you should focus on adding as many dry flowers and feathers as possible.

Remember that each décor element should be there for a reason – contributing to the overall theme of your wedding. If you don’t know why a particular décor feature is on the table then it is probably not needed and you can remove it. Don’t over-do it. It’s best to keep it simple. If you are confused and unsure of what to add, consider elements such as- tall vases with large statement florals, candles and bow sashes on the chairs.

3. Floral Arrangements

Photographer- HelloChloeMay / Florist- FlowerHeadEvents

Photographer- HelloChloeMay / Florist- FlowerHeadEvents

What’s a wedding without some beautiful flowers? Whilst some brides like to experiment with their flowers, others like to keep it traditional with white Blanca roses. This is the most versatile styling element that you can play with, so make sure you pour your personality out into these floral arrangements.

However, flowers can become extremely expensive very quickly. Just a few centerpieces and your entire budget can fall out of place. To avoid this from happening, you can even opt for faux flowers throughout your venue. Large paper flowers can be added to a backdrop to make it look more natural, and smaller faux flowers can be a great replacement for original flowers around the entire hall. Better yet- mixing the 2 together can be a great way to reduce costs whilst still having some gorgeous real flowers.

If you have a garden wedding theme, then flowers and plants should be the focus of your entire reception styling.

4. Backdrops

Photographer- HelloChloeMay / Florist- FlowerHeadEvents

Photographer- HelloChloeMay / Florist- FlowerHeadEvents

Backdrops are a great way to add an additional element to your wedding venue. If you want to have a unique reception style, then consider adding a backdrop where your guests can take photos and post directly to their Instagram feeds. If you are following a vintage wedding theme, then consider adding a backdrop that looks straight out of an old film.

A backdrop can also be added behind your bridal table if you want to achieve a unique look and highlight the bridal party. A floral wall could be perfect for you. You can often hire them for around $400-$600 per night.

Remember that you can get quite creative with your wedding backdrops. Consider incorporating fresh flowers, balloons and draping to your backdrops. Add a few strings of fairy lights or disco lights (depending on your theme) to tie it all together.

5. Furniture

Photographer: AshleyKWeddingPhotographer / Décor- Table Art Event Hire

Photographer: AshleyKWeddingPhotographer / Décor- Table Art Event Hire, Memphis Hire, Pro Light & Sound, Letragraphic Signs

Whilst most brides may forget about this entirely, the furniture plays a very important role in your reception styling. If you have space both indoor and outdoor, then you should utilize it to the fullest by adding additional seating. Couches and ottomans can serve as a fun way to seat your guests both outdoors and indoors.

You can even create small booths or lounges using draped curtains to give your guests some sense of privacy. Not only will this make everybody comfortable, but it also helps create a romantic and elegant atmosphere to your wedding reception.