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Vintage Wedding Dresses

Capture a moment in time…create your vintage wedding dress with d’Italia.



Embody timeless, feminine style with a vintage-inspired wedding gown. Our seamstresses blend classic designs with modern techniques to craft vintage dress artistry. Our dressmakers are comfortable working with vintage designs and can work from a single image to recreate magic. Their keen eye for detail allows them to capture every element of your vision when crafting your gown.

Vintage wedding dresses are often inspired by fashion from the 1920’s-1980’s. These iconic eras defined fashion, and by taking inspiration from these styles, you create a truly special gown. Whether you envision the sleek silhouettes of the Art Deco era or the romantic lace details of the Victorian era, we can bring your vision to life with careful craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics.

Choose from the best European fabric and lace options in vintage shades such as oyster, crème and delicate ivories. Your d’Italia consultant will guide you through fabric choices to choose the best pieces to craft the dress of your dreams. Experience the magic of being part of the creation of your dress, from initial sketches to final fittings.

Let’s bring your vision to life and create a custom gown made just for you.

Create your vintage dreams…

To get an accurate costing worked out or to find out more call 03 9509 4633 now. You are guaranteed a perfect fit you will have total control over the style of your dress.


We craft the dress of your dreams and bring your vision to life through bespoke design and attention to detail.

Designing your own wedding dress allows you full control over the style and fit of your gown. The perfect dress for the perfect day.

d’Italia’s exclusive collections of wedding gowns are passionately designed and created with the finest fabrics. Our collections push the bounds of design, bringing together timeless beauty with modern elegance.


bespoke wedding gowns


Your custom dress price depends on the style, fabrics, etc., you opt for in your dress. At d’Italia, you don’t pay for the ‘the label’—allowing you to save thousands on your dream dress.


The average cost of custom-made wedding dresses – including couture and fabric – varies according to what style and fabric you choose to use:

  • Without lace, beading or embellishments $2,500 – $3,000
  • With lace, beading and/or embellishments $3,500 (average)

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The d’Italia Process.

No designer fees. Affordable pricing. Made for you. Your journey to walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams begins here. Through our detailed process, we work with you to bring your vision to life. To assist in envisioning your dress, we welcome you to try on gowns from our signature d’Italia collection, Curate by d’Italia. This limited collection of elegant pre-made gowns allows you to experience our wedding dresses—and you may just fall in love.


Your journey begins at our Melbourne bridal store with your personal design consultant. This obligation-free consultation allows you to explore the possibilities and allows our designers to understand your vision.


During your consultation, our designers will create initial sketches of your dress and help you select the perfect fabrics.


Once your design is finalised, it’s off to our seamstresses to go from sketch to reality.
bespoke wedding gowns


The time it takes to make a custom wedding dress will vary depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of materials. We recommend booking your first appointment with d’Italia 12-18 months before your wedding date. This timeframe allows you to communicate with your designer, make any necessary adjustments as you come in for regular fittings, and receive your wedding gown in plenty of time for a final fitting before your big day.

The cost of a custom wedding dress varies depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design. However, as a guide, most brides invest $2,000 to $3,500+ in their custom gowns.

Yes, it is definitely possible to be able to re-create that exact bridal gown that you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, not only is it possible to re-create a World class couture gown, but we believe that your gown will be much better than an off-the-rack bespoke piece. Whether you’ve sketched it up yourself or have images and inspiration ideas to share, our talented team of designers can bring them to life. Our in-store designers have a great eye for detail and can refer to any image and confidently recommend the appropriate and most suitable materials and laces to be able to re-create your vision and goal.

Discover more about our ‘copy it’ service here.