Beautiful Lace Wedding Dresses

Got your heart set on a lace wedding dress? D’italia has the most divine silk and french laces


Lace is classy, elegant, timeless, sophisticated and feminine. What makes it tricky is that there are so many different styles of bridal laces and a bride will mostly know what style she wants and where she wants it on her bridal gown – but finding exactly the perfect lace bridal gown in a ready-made bridal boutique is virtually impossible.

For brides who have their hearts set on a full lace wedding dress (i.e. one which is fully covered in lace from top to toe), d’Italia carries a selection of wide bridal laces. This is important to note, as most true French laces are quite narrow and thus are a more complicated choice for use in full-lace gowns. A wide lace is a must, and what stands out in the wide laces that d’Italia carries is that they all have beautiful elaborate borders – a detail which is not there in cheaper, less-exclusive laces.

d’Italia carries a select range of the most beautiful wedding gown lace fabrics in an excellent variety of styles, including pure silk laces which are soft and delicate, with intricate and elaborate scalloped borders, vintage-style laces, fine Chantilly laces, heavier Guippure laces, corded laces, fully or partially-beaded laces and the more modern metallic-mixed laces.

The creation of lace wedding gowns from images is simple for d’Italia’s elite team of bridal couturiers, as their level of expertise means that they can accurately duplicate any style with their own hand-crafted patterns. This expertise also means that they are expert in creating elegant lace bridal gowns, which requires a high level of technical skill and know-how  as most lace work requires the talent to be able to accurately “cut and paste” lace to avoid sewing ugly seams into the gown and also to enable the appliqué of lace pieces directly onto fine silk fabric.

The colour of a lace is also extremely important, as the whole essence must be that the bridal silks teamed with the lace are not too similar in colour – rather, there is at least a slight tonal difference. Our bridal lace wedding gowns come in vintage oysters, crèmes, delicate ivories and beautiful silk whites.

The laces available at d’Italia are mostly European, and such are very much “exclusive” in that they are not mass-produced. Rather, they are made from scratch only from the time they are ordered and can take up to 3-6 months to receive. They are made in short 4 to 5 metre pieces, and the styles are not churned out over and over for years on end, which ensure creation of unique lace bridal dresses


d’Italia will make the exact style wedding dress or mother of the bride/groom dress you want, with custom corsetry to fit you perfectly, using the best quality silks and genuine French laces.

Intricately designed and thoughtfully crafted from the finest fabrics. Our Ready to Wear collection offers a selection of beautiful gowns for the romantic bride at heart.


d’Italia does not charge for design or for the “label”—this is where you save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The average cost for Dresses and Garments – including couture and fabric – varies according to what style and fabric you choose to use:

Cocktail/formal/evening dresses


Women’s Suits


The average cost of custom-made wedding dresses – including couture and fabric – varies according to what style and fabric you choose to use:

  • Without lace, beading or embellishments $2,500 – $3,000
  • With lace, beading and/or embellishments $3,500 (average)

How does it Work

There are no designer fees. d’Italia doesn’t mark up the cost just because it’s a label. You get a genuine couture dress or outfit made with the world’s finest fabrics, created from scratch, to fit you perfectly—for a fraction of the cost.


Obligation free consultation with our expert designers to help outline your perfect dress


We work with your budget to select the perfect fabrics and laces for your dream dress


Our dedicated seamstresses will complete the design, delivering you a unique custom-made dress


At d’Italia we generally work 12-18 months in advance of events. Creation of the perfect couture gown takes time and lots of precision and care. Appointments and fittings are spread out over a number of months, deliberately planned out into the future so that there is no unnecessary stress involved and so we can ensure that you have an enjoyable, smooth and stress-free experience. Production of your gown may not begin immediately, however your gorgeous fabrics and laces will be ordered straight away to ensure that we have plenty of time to have fun and create something gorgeous together during your fittings.

Pricing varies depending greatly on a number of factors- such as the fabrics and laces that you select uniquely for your custom gown, along with your basic body measurements and the complexity of your design. To receive an accurate costing please reach out to our team here.

The average cost of custom-made wedding dresses – including construction and fabric is:

Without lace, beading or embellishments- $2,500 – $3,000

With lace, beading and/or embellishments- $3,500+ (average)

Yes, it is definitely possible to be able to re-create that exact bridal gown that you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, not only is it possible to re-create a World class couture gown, but we believe that your gown will be much better than an off-the-rack bespoke piece. Whether you’ve sketched it up yourself or have images and inspiration ideas to share, our talented team of designers can bring them to life. Our in-store designers have a great eye for detail and can refer to any image and confidently recommend the appropriate and most suitable materials and laces to be able to re-create your vision and goal.

Discover more about our ‘copy it’ service here.