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Embroidered Lace Wedding Dresses


Embroidered lace wedding dresses are extremely versatile and can suit a variety of wedding themes. Embroidered laces can be a perfect option for a modern wedding, a garden wedding, a bohemian wedding or even a vintage style wedding. A gorgeous embroidered lace can create a feminine, romantic feel to your wedding dress.

Lace is a great way to add a wow factor into your custom wedding gown. The intricate details and patterns can highlight your body shape and emphasize your design in the best way. Embroidered laces are often created from a delicate thread that is then sewn onto a stretchy tulle base. This allows for the pattern to stand out as it is slightly raised with a more three-dimensional look. Embroidered laces can often be applied all over your wedding gown, along with appliqued to give you a gradient effect.

Embroidered lace wedding dresses are truly bespoke and are created with the best craftsmanship and precision. Our luxurious quality embroidered lace dresses are sure to wow your guests.



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