Our Process

Every d’Italia creation is entirely unique, it has never existed before and will never again. Each piece is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind edition crafted specifically for you.


Creating a custom look is an incredibly special experience. Every stitch, every fold, every special detail is considered and something that is totally unique to you. From the concept of design through to production & creation, we work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life.

Following your initial enquiry, one of our designers will be in touch to answer any questions and to book a private appointment for you. Your journey begins at our design studio in Melbourne where we learn more about you and your vision for your wedding. At these ideation sessions, we’ll explore rough sketches, references and ideas as well as fabric options, silhouettes, cuts and trimmings to build a vision board of your dream look. The beauty of creating a custom look together is that you’ll have total flexibility and control over design, fabrics and silhouettes. If a veil is desired, it is chosen alongside your dress or designed during its own appointment.


Once we’ve refined the vision together, we’ll share a series of sketches for you to choose from, with recommendations and thoughts on fabrics and trimmings too. We will finesse the designs based on your input and feedback until you’re happy for us to start production. As we wrap up this consultation, we record your measurements and ensure you’re filled with anticipation for your dream dress! After this meeting, you will receive a comprehensive design proposal that encompasses a sketch, a detailed description of individual elements and a price quote for your gown, all set to be scheduled for production.

bespoke wedding gowns
bespoke wedding gowns
bespoke wedding gowns
bespoke wedding gowns


The fittings will take place at our dressmaker’s ateliers (located all over Melbourne for your flexibility and convenience) who will work with you to create a personal fitting schedule based around your requirements. For bespoke outfits we start by creating a ‘toile’ which is a ‘mock-up’ of your outfit. This is done in a less expensive fabric and is designed to give you the opportunity to inspect every part of the design and – most importantly – the fit, before we move into the final fabric.


Once we’ve got the basic silhouette, shape and fit in place we will start layering the details at a number of follow-up fittings (assume a total of 3-5 fittings – the exact number will depend on the needs of your outfit.) These will also take place at the dressmaker’s atelier.


At the final fitting, which takes place 1 – 2 weeks before your wedding date, you try on your gown once more for a final confirmation of all the details. After a final thorough check, your dress is beautifully packed, and ready for collection.

Ready To Wear Bridal

Every piece in our ready-to-wear bridal collections is designed in Melbourne by our skilled bridal designers. These pieces are made to order in standard dress sizes and lengths so if required, you will need to organise alterations separately. Our silhouettes are figure-flattering and have been designed to give you the confidence to buy in-store– we work mostly with bias cuts that fit around your curves as well as wearable designs that are easy to alter if needed.