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After planning initially for a winter wedding filled with red roses, COVID forced Katherine and Mark to postpone their original idea, and instead, landed them a summer wedding filled with romantic, elegant blooms, family-filled details and a sense of glamour for the black-tie occasion.

Katherine worked with D’Italia to create a stunningly elegant long sleeve ballgown. “My attire was something that I organised about a year out from my original date. In June 2021 I went to D’Italia with some inspiration photos to help get an idea and select some fabrics, and the fabrics were draped on me which helped make my decision as to what draped and sat nicely on my body.
My gown was made of a mesh stocking-like material on the top half; I always wanted sleeves as well so I had French 3d and flat lace placed over the mesh material creating an effect like it was floating on my skin. I had it also heavy on the bottom of sleeves to less and less as it went higher. The bottom half of my dress I wanted a silk skirt that went out from the waist with a slit down the side.

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