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Lili Hod


Designer: Lili Hod

There’s nothing quite like a magical garden wedding, from the colourful blooming flowers, landscapes of greenery and summer-time sunshine. Whether you’re tying the knot under a romantic marquee or in the midst of a stunning botanical park, a garden wedding is full of dreaminess, romance and beauty. However, it wouldn’t be quite complete without the perfect wedding dress to complement your venue and wedding day theme. From intricately designed laces, to super soft and flowy fabrics, stunning silhouettes and bridal additions, we share our top favourite 15 garden wedding dress looks and discuss all the details, tips and tricks you need to know to custom-create your very own dreamy gown.


Netta Benshabu

Designer: Netta Benshabu

A garden wedding wouldn’t quite be the same without a touch of florals. One of the most popular type of wedding gown lace fabric additions in a Spring/Summer bridal gown collection is the 3-dimensional floral motif. If you’re looking to add a touch of texture and to modernise your bridal gown, then look no further. This stunning 3d floral bridal lace design can come in the form of a trim, lace or as a singular motif. They are often hand cut out and individually hand-stitched onto your bridal gown, depending on how much or how little you prefer to showcase. The 3d floral look is super versatile and can be utilised on virtually any gown from a sleek and fitted sheath, to a soft and dreamy A-line. When opting for a fitted shaped gown, it is always advised to select a petite sized flower. A large 3d flower can sometimes add extra bulk. This gorgeous touch can be applied all-over your gown or lightly scattered throughout, however whichever way you choose, this look will definitely make a statement and is the perfect romantic touch to complete any garden wedding dress.


Dany Mizrachi

Designer: Dany Mizrachi

When planning a beautiful garden wedding or outdoor ceremony it’s important to think about practicality and comfortability more than ever before. Consider opting for a lightweight gown with little fullness and a minimal train. But this doesn’t mean you have to shy away from the extravagance and drama. A great way to enhance your more simple and functional garden gown is to complete it with a striking and theatrical bridal cape. A bridal cape is often made from a luxurious, soft and sheer material such as a fine tulle, chiffon, georgette or smooth organza (for more fullness and drama). It sits effortlessly over your shoulders and is gathered slightly before draping seamlessly to the floor in a flared and flowy finish. It’s a stunning way to add a touch of glamour and regality to any bridal dress. The best part of a bridal cape is that it is often made detachable, giving you the versatility to change up your bridal look throughout the day. For brides wanting to add a touch of magic to their wedding dress, there’s nothing more perfect than a delicate and modern style cape. Consider adding an intricate embroidered floral lace or 3d floral motifs onto your cape to complement your garden venue.


Gali Karten

Designer: Gali Karten

A sheath gown features a beautifully fitted bodice and a skirt that drapes effortlessly and softly from your natural hips. For brides getting married in an outdoor ceremony, particularly with an uneven surface, it may be a good idea to opt for a lightweight dress that you can easily and comfortably move in. The sheath style gown is only fitted around your torso and hips, allowing your legs and knees to move freely without restriction. The sleek and elegant design is also extremely lightweight and is made from very minimal fabric, making it easier to transport (especially for any brides who opt for a destination or Inter-state wedding). Another gorgeous element of this contemporary style gown, is that in most cases it will also feature a simple and practical sweep style train. The sweep train is a short and modest train length that doesn’t exceed beyond 0.50m. This makes it super easy and convenient to walk through the grassy fields and gardens without having to carry around a whole heap of fabric. If you’re after practicality and comfort with a sleek and modern twist, then the sheath gown is the one for you. Something like this should be easily available at bridal stores in Armadale



Designer: Mistrelli

 Are you looking for the perfect fabric to complete your custom wedding gown? Look no further, because we have the most exquisite collection of bridal lace to bring your garden-themed visions to life. An embroidered lace is an intricate and detailed lace that often features extremely beautiful floral details, hand-stitched vines and leaves and in some cases delicate swirls and sparkly embellishments. It’s a relatively lightweight lace which makes it perfect for any bride getting married during the warmer seasons. To add a true bespoke finish to your custom wedding gown, consider layering various embroidered laces together to create a unique and textured design. This may mean incorporating different sized floral details with a subtle leafy pattern underneath for extra dimension. Have fun exploring the various options and combining your favourite laces together to create a unique and incredibly beautiful garden inspired look.


Dream and Dress

Designer: Dream and Dress

If you’re looking for a fun and quirky element to complete your bridal gown, then consider adding a delicate bow feature to the straps of your gown. This simple additional is the perfect way to add a feminine and elegant touch. When opting for a shoulder bow, it is best to keep it small and petite in size. For a garden wedding, you can’t look past a delicately tied bow that sits at the top of your shoulders and drapes effortlessly to your desired length. This gorgeous bow feature is often created from a luxurious, delicate and sheer material such as a bridal tulle, silk chiffon, silk georgette or silk organza (for a little more structure and body). If you would like to turn this romantic feature into an extraordinary statement, consider extending the strands of the bow to the floor, similar to a wing-styled cape.

TIP- Consider making this feature detachable with some simple press studs or buttons for a little more versatility. If it’s something you like but can’t find in store, look for a Custom Dressmaker in Melbourne who can perfectly nail this look.


Lili Hod

Designer: Lili Hod

The butterfly sleeve, also known as the flutter sleeve is an extremely graceful and classy cut, perfect for the outdoors. This stunning sleeve features a short and flowy flared design that drapes effortlessly from your shoulder and often finishes just above your elbow. It is particularly known for its romantic and feminine aesthetic and is suitable for almost every dress shape but is commonly incorporated into a dress with a soft and flowy skirt. This gorgeous sleeve is made from a lightweight and breathable material such as a tulle, silk chiffon, silk georgette or a silk satin (if you prefer for it to not be transparent). It’s a great way to add some extra coverage for brides who will be spending most of their special day amongst the sunshine. The waterfall-like drapery allows the sleeve to sway beautifully in the wind which makes it nice and airy for the outdoors. It’s also a great way to incorporate a sleeve without having to worry about overheating and getting too hot.


Gali Karten

Designer: Gali Karten

Whether you’re getting married in the botanical gardens or in an antique winery, chances are you’re probably going to be amongst the gorgeous sunshine for a good part of your wedding day. When designing your custom gown, it’s a great idea to select breathable and lightweight fabrics. Consider a natural fibre such as a pure silk or cotton as these luxurious summer-time materials won’t encourage you to overheat or perspire on the day. In fact, they’re also extremely durable, incredibly lush and have a soft and flowy drape, perfect for an outdoor ceremony or reception. For brides opting for an overlay, consider a delicate fine tulle, silky chiffon, textured georgette or smooth organza. These lightweight fabrics move beautifully with your body and amongst the wind and will not add any extra bulk or weight to your gown. The tulle and organza are also extremely durable and are less likely to catch on unexpected twigs and stones which you may encounter amongst the gardens. For laces, it is best to stick with something light such as an intricate French Chantilly lace or a modern embroidered lace.



Designer: VanillaWFG

From the subtle pastel colour palettes, to the lush green foliage and intricate floral detailing’s, a garden wedding is the perfect reason to incorporate a splash of colour and blush into your bridal gown. The subtle pink-tone looks incredibly beautiful amongst the outdoor sunlight and particularly complements the scenic green backdrop. Whether you’re getting married in a vineyard, a botanical park or a lavish garden estate, you can’t go wrong with adding a touch of warmth to your bridal gown. The blush tone is a beautiful understated colour that suits a large variety of skin tones. It’s also a great way to add a touch of uniqueness and to modernise your garden themed bridal gown. For brides who would like to tone down the pink colour, consider adding a sheer ivory tulle overlay for a more subdued finish. If you’re daring enough to opt for the blush, we know you definitely won’t regret it.


Lili Hod

Designer: Lili Hod

As the flowers begin to bloom and the weather begins to warm up, it might be a good idea to consider adding a split into your custom wedding dress. A split is a great way to add a contemporary and sleek element to your bridal dress, whilst also allowing more movement in your legs, particularly making it easier for brides getting married amongst the outdoors. This romantic and elegant feature is also a great way to allow air into your skirt so you don’t overheat amongst the layers and layers of fabrics. It’s important to note that when opting for a split that you carefully consider the height and length as a split can often make you look shorter. To achieve a more elongated look, the split should ideally sit around your mid-thighs. Another beautiful way to achieve a classic and contemporary look is to opt for a simple touch of drapery. Drapery is when the fabric is moulded and shaped to your figure, often showcasing subtle and organic folds. Whilst it requires a little more fabric than usual, it’s definitely worth it. This stunning feature is perfect to add a little more interest and elegance into a plain styled gown.


Lee Petra Grebenau

Designer: Lee Petra Grebenau

From flowy gathered skirts, puffy sleeves to delicate ruching and bridal capes, if you’re after something soft and dreamy then you can’t look past a stunning bridal tulle. It Is the perfect way to turn your custom wedding dress into an exquisite garden-themed statement piece. Consider adding a gorgeous voluminous balloon styled sleeve to complete your bridal look. To add a beautiful botanical touch, simply applique some floral motifs onto your sleeves. Whilst there are various different types of tulles on the market, our top two favourite options for a garden gown would have to be a delicate fine tulle and a super soft silk tulle. A fine tulle is perfect to create a skirt with a slight puffiness as this fabric has a soft and luxurious texture and will move beautifully in the wind. A soft tulle is perfect for any bride who is conscious of the weight of their gown and would like something extremely flowy. A soft tulle is great for a fit-and-flare, A-line or sheath styled gown as it has a lightweight nature and will drape naturally against the body without adding any fullness or definition.


Lis Simon

Designer: Lis Simon

Most lace wedding dresses tend to showcase a gorgeous floral design but for brides that would prefer something a little unique and different, the leaf bridal lace is the perfect alternative. Most leaf laces are embroidered from a fine and delicate thread onto a soft mesh tulle base. They can be applied all over the gown or can even be hand-cut out and individually appliqued onto your custom wedding dress depending on how much or how little you prefer. The leaf look is perfect for any bride getting married amongst nature and the outdoors. It adds a stunning whimsical and romantic element to any bridal dress, particularly when it is lightly scattered throughout your skirt. The organic leaf design is a great option for brides wanting to achieve a very modern, soft and dreamy finish. It looks especially stunning on a flowy A-line style gown but the beauty of this organic pattern is that it can be utilised in any dress shape.


Helena Kolan

Designer: Helena Kolan

From the silky sway and the romantic fullness, you can’t look past a soft A-line gown. This stunning style, features a fitted bodice and a softly draped skirt that falls effortlessly to the ground from your natural waist. For brides wanting to feel like an absolute princess for a day without the heaviness of a ball-gown, then this soft A-line silhouette is perfect for you. It’s delicate and airy skirt is what makes this stunning gown, one of the most magical and dreamy styles on the market. A soft A-line gown is often made from a lightweight and breathable fabric and can commonly showcase a sheer tulle overlay for a touch of elegance. Consider adding a beautiful embroidered lace or lightly scatter some 3d floral motifs throughout your skirt to complement your whimsical garden wedding.


Eisen Stein

Designer: Eisen Stein

If you’re opting for a more casual garden ceremony, you may want to consider wearing a gorgeous short length gown. No matter the formality of your wedding, there is a perfect gown just for you. For a casual and intimate ceremony, consider a mini lace cocktail dress, for a more formal outdoor ceremony, opt for a dramatic high-low style from a stunning textured jacquard fabric; or for the perfect in-between, consider this classic soft lace tea length frock. Just remember that a short dress doesn’t necessarily mean less formal or more casual. With a well-tailored fit, the perfect fabrics and the right accessories, you can turn this short and sweet style into a flawless garden wedding-day look, definitely fit for a bride! Add a tulle underlay for some extra body and sway and complete it with your favourite floral and leaf inspired bridal lace. To add an extra wow factor, lightly scatter some 3d floral motifs throughout your skirt for additional texture. If you’re not so keen on the lace look or the traditional floral design, consider utilising a beautiful textured jacquard or brocade fabric.


Lee Petra Grebenau

Designer: Lee Petra Grebenau

When it comes to designing a gown perfect for a garden venue, three words come to mind- romantic, feminine and delicate. One of the most feminine necklines would have to be this stunning sweet-heart design. This universally admired neckline is often featured at most Wedding dress shops in Melbourne, as it suits virtually every bridal dress silhouette. It is also extremely flattering for most body shapes, making it a crowd favourite for sure. This pretty design looks beautiful just as a plain edge or with a subtle scallop finishing. For brides wanting to add a touch of romance and embrace the elegance of a sweet-heart neckline, consider adding some petite-sized 3d floral motifs or an intricate lace trim scalloping along the neckline. It’s a great way to highlight the neckline and draw more attention to your décolletage and face. It’s also a very simple, affordable and extremely bespoke way to finish a neckline.


Lee Petra Grebenau

Designer: Netta Benshabu

For brides wanting a touch of regality then the off-the-shoulder look could be the perfect addition for you. The off-the-shoulder feature can come in various designs, from gathered lace frills, to simplistic sophisticated bands, to softly draped chiffon and tulle and so much more. It can create the perfect statement feature whilst still being quite understated and modest. The off-the-shoulder feature is a romantic design that drapes seamlessly from the front neckline of your gown, right around your arms to the backline. It’s a great way to emphasise the beautiful detail in your bodice and to also draw attention to your décolletage area. For brides wanting a more versatile look, you can easily make the off-the-shoulder feature detachable so you can change up your wedding look easily on the day.

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