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Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Nick Skinner Weddings


Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Nick Skinner Weddings

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be quite the challenge. Everything needs to be perfect – from the styling, to the dress, to your hair and your makeup. There is a lot of pressure on brides to look their absolute best on their wedding day and whilst we can understand why you would want to look amazing, it’s important to remember that feeling your best is equally as important.

If you have already begun shopping for the perfect wedding dress, you must have realized that the process is quite difficult. You might be expecting to just walk into a store and pick out your dress instantly but unfortunately wedding dress shopping is more complicated than that.

Sarah Godenzi Photography

Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Sarah Godenzi Photography

A wedding dress shop is likely to clip you into a sample, take your measurements, and then make you wait months before you can see the final version of your dress. Along with this, it’s important to remember that you may require further alterations. Don’t be deterred or nervous about the process- just ensure that you’re well informed and prepared.

What is a Trunk Show?

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Picture via: Style Me Pretty

If you are not satisfied with the collection of bridal dresses at your local bridal stores Melbourne, then definitely be on the lookout for a trunk show. This is when the bridal salon will have the complete range of bridal dresses instead of just a few samples. A trunk show is a great opportunity to have more options to choose from, especially from a specific designer of your choice.

Another great part about a trunk show is that you can often get bridal dresses at a discount price. Cutting down on costs can make your bridal shopping experience A LOT more enjoyable!

Along with this, trunk shows can showcase a variety of older classic style gowns and some brand-new collection pieces which is always super exciting.

Traditional Dress Shopping or Trunk Shows?

Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Matt Elliott Photography

If you are struggling to decide between which route to take, then we have a simple comparison between trunk shows and traditional dress shopping for you. During a trunk show, you can have the opportunity to try on more gowns. However, there will also be a lot more people present at the bridal salon so remember to pick up your dress of choice ASAP if you plan to purchase it.

The process of both of these shopping experiences is more or less the same. You have to book an appointment, look through the racks and find a dress that you like. Even the purchasing process is similar – you may not be able to walk straight out of the store with your gown, instead you may be required to order it and wait a few months for it to arrive.

Depending upon whether you prefer hopping from store to store or just looking at one designer’s collection, either one of these bridal shopping experiences can be suitable. Better yet, just try out both?

Sustainable Bridal

Shot from the Heart

Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Shot from the Heart

If you want to stand out in your reception gown, then why not opt for something sustainable? Most of the best bridal shops in Melbourne will have a few sustainable options for you. Sustainable fashion simply refers to a wedding dress that is produced and sold in an environmentally-friendly way. When it comes to a wedding dress, this will often mean that the gown is produced using sustainable materials such as silks and cottons. These fabrics are natural fibers and aren’t produced with a whole heap of chemicals which significantly damage our environment during the production and disposal stage. Ask your bridal designer to show you a gown that is made from silk. Another sustainable option is opting for a gown that is versatile. This simply means- a dress, playsuit or two-piece outfit that you will wear again. Any wedding gown that allows you to get more wear from it in the future is a great purchase (both from an economical and sustainable point of view).

Five Ways to Style Your Reception Dress

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Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Hello Chloe May

The most important part of any reception dress is the details. If you are unsure of what you want, then pause for a moment and consider integrating your own personality into your reception gown. If you have a bubbly and lively personality, then consider opting for more beading and buttons on your dress. For a quieter and more reserved bride, a simple long evening dress with a sweetheart neckline can be a good choice.

The best wedding dress shops Melbourne will allow you to style your reception dress according to your requirements. Here are a few ways that you can make your wedding dress your very own:

1. Neckline

Clarrise Weddings

Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Clarrise Weddings

Customizing the decolletage is an important part of styling your wedding dress. Depending upon the structure of your gown and your body type, there will always be certain necklines that will look more flattering than others. When choosing a neckline, consider all of your options before making the final choice. This can be done by trying various dresses and only focusing on the different neckline styles. If you are big busted then consider a v-neckline or sweet-heart design. If you are small-chested then consider a square/straight-cut neckline or a halter-neck design.

2. Beading

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Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Hakan Dalar Photography

A great wedding dress shop will allow you to integrate your own vision into your reception dress. This means that adding small details like different beading designs, lace or motifs to your own gown. This is a great way to personalize your wedding-look. If you want a simpler design, then even a small beaded belt would be enough to add some sparkle and a touch of glamour.

If you want to be a little extra with your dress, then going for a heavy beaded look will elevate your design to the next level.

3. Sleeves

Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Nick Skinner Weddings

Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Nick Skinner Weddings

Everyone has a vision of their dream wedding dress. For some, it might be long lace sleeves and others might prefer a strapless gown. For winter weddings, long or three-quarter sleeves can give you maximum coverage. Paired with some lace, your dress can look phenomenal. For a summer wedding, you can opt for a halter dress or strapless gown. Sheer tulle balloon sleeves are a great style for any season and they look super dreamy and romantic!

4. Buttons

Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: Emotions and Math Photography

Another great way to add detailing to your reception dress is by having buttons all the way from the top to the bottom edge of the train. Not only does this provide an intricate look to your dress, but it is also practical enough for bustling. But of course, if a gown covered in 100+ buttons is not your thing then a small number of buttons along the zip would look stunning. Fabric covered buttons are definitely the most popular as they will suit every type of gown, however if you have a plain dress and would like to glam it up a bit, consider adding some pearl buttons.

Styling your reception dress should be a decision that you make on your own. Even if it takes a hundred trials before you find the right dress for the occasion, just know that the effort is worth it. Remember that your reception dress should represent your personality and unique style.