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Winter Wedding Dress


Step into a realm of bespoke sophistication with d’Italia, where winter weddings meet the pinnacle of individuality with our Custom Winter Wedding Dresses. Customization takes centre stage as brides embark on the journey of crafting their dream winter wedding dress. From luxurious long sleeves adorned with intricate lace for a touch of romance to sleek and modern silhouettes that embrace the crisp winter air with elegance, every detail is a reflection of the bride’s personality and the enchantment of a winter setting.

Winter brides enjoy the flexibility to wear a range of styles, from faux fur ensembles to long-sleeve ball gowns and high-neck silhouettes. Unlike brides in warmer seasons, they can embrace various options without concerns about overheating or sweating in their wedding gown. We recommend our brides to consider choosing faux fur, capes and overlays to enhance coverage or a playful jacket for outdoor settings. More than just for warmth, these are stylish additions that enhance the overall bridal aesthetic.

Winter Wedding Dress

d’Italia will make the exact style wedding dress or mother of the bride/groom dress you want, with custom corsetry to fit you perfectly, using the best quality silks and genuine French laces.

Intricately designed and thoughtfully crafted from the finest fabrics. Our Ready to Wear collection offers a selection of beautiful gowns for the romantic bride at heart.

Winter Wedding Dress


d’Italia does not charge for design or for the “label”—this is where you save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The average cost of custom-made wedding dresses – including couture and fabric – varies according to what style and fabric you choose to use:

  • Without lace, beading or embellishments $2,500 – $3,000
  • With lace, beading and/or embellishments $3,500 (average)


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How does it work?

There are no designer fees with d’Italia. Meet with a designer to sketch out your dream gown and select your very own luxurious fabrics to bring your ideas to life. You’ll get a genuine custom couture dress, made from scratch, to fit you perfectly- for a fraction of the costs. Read More

Want to try on your dream gown in store? d’Italia Collective offers a beautiful range of pre-made bridal gowns made from some of the Worlds’ finest fabrics and laces and designed right here in Melbourne. Click to discover our latest in-store collection



Obligation free consultation with our expert designers to help design your perfect dress



We work with your budget to select the perfect fabrics and laces for your dream dress



Our dedicated seamstresses will complete the design, delivering you a unique custom-made dress

Winter Wedding Dress


A winter wedding dress ensures you stay warm without compromising on elegance or style.

Long Sleeves: Opt for a gown with long sleeves adorned with lace or intricate details. This elegant choice not only provides warmth but also adds a touch of romance.

Luxurious Fabrics: Choose sumptuous fabrics like velvet, silk, or satin to add a layer of coziness. These materials not only exude sophistication but also offer warmth in colder temperatures.

Rich Winter Colours: Embrace the winter ambiance with rich, deep colors like burgundy, navy, emerald, or even classic whites. These hues complement the seasonal setting beautifully.

Fur or Faux Fur Accents: Incorporate fur or faux fur details on your dress, such as a stole, bolero, or trim. This not only adds a glamorous touch but also provides extra warmth.

Tea-Length or Full-Length Dresses: Consider a tea-length dress or a full-length gown with layers to keep you warm. These styles are both chic and practical for winter ceremonies.

Customized Designs: Opt for a custom wedding dress tailored to your preferences and the winter setting. This allows you to incorporate elements like additional layers, unique embellishments, or specific fabrics to suit the season.

Closed-Toe Shoes: Choose closed-toe shoes, like stylish boots or elegant heels, to keep your feet warm in the winter chill. Consider matching the footwear with the overall aesthetic of your winter wedding dress.

Cape or Shawl: Enhance your winter bridal look with a cape or shawl. These accessories not only provide warmth but also add a touch of drama and sophistication to your ensemble.










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At d’Italia, we redefine winter bridal couture, offering an unparalleled experience where every stitch narrates a tale of love and bespoke luxury. Call us now on 03 9509 4633 – it will be the best decision you have ever made…!