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Designer: d’Italia

Oh, how we love weddings! From the dress, the décor, the champagne, and most importantly, the love that binds two people together. If you ask us, we love wedding ceremonies (yes, dresses are a huge reason why), but we also love them because of the idea that lies behind a ceremony and celebrating the happiness and love of your family and friends.

We see many different types of wedding ceremonies taking place, some on big scales and some super intimate. Today, we will talk about destination weddings and how you can have an affordable destination wedding. As restrictions begin to ease, we cannot wait to see weddings resume overseas. But planning a wedding in another country isn’t always easy (or cheap), so this is our guide on how to help make your dream destination possible on a tight budget!



Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: LoveMadeVisible

Whilst planning a destination wedding, it’s super easy to slip and overspend. If you want to plan a destination wedding on a budget, know when to draw a line on the cost. Set a budget for everything that you are planning to do. Set a budget for the dress, the location, the travel, the flowers, the catering, and the décor etc. Whether you’re tying the knot locally or somewhere on a beautiful island, a budget is always a must! But it’s very common for couples to exceed their limit especially when planning a destination wedding as there are additional costs that can very easily add up. You will need to be prepared to cut your loses and compromise when planning a wedding overseas. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t have those super pretty flowers or the tiny centre pieces that you’ve always dreamt of. These little things will mostly be forgotten after your wedding and the memories of your special day from the people, to the dress, to the beautiful scenic view is what will be remembered and cherished forever.


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If you’re planning a destination wedding on a budget, it may be a good idea to try and keep your guest list quite small and intimate. The shorter the list of guests, the better it will be for your wallet. When you have to plan a whole destination wedding, you need to ask yourself, “Who do I want at my wedding ceremony?”.

There is no problem with a long list of guests when it comes to a traditional local wedding as you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars’ worth of transportation like you would have to do with a destination wedding. However, with a destination wedding, one has to understand that the expense will be doubled per guest in comparison to a local wedding. In the end, it all comes down to what is more important to you. Do you want all your friends, family and relatives to attend your wedding ceremony? If yes, then ultimately, you will have to compromise somewhere else, such as the location? If you want to celebrate in a beautiful location and create a unique experience just for your nearest and dearest, then a small destination wedding is a great idea for you. Providing a FaceTime/virtual experience for your extended friends and guests that could not attend could be a great option for you.


Designer: d’Italia

Destination weddings are expensive precisely because of this one reason; the location. When planning a destination wedding, you should be mindful of the location that you and your partner decide upon. Plan your wedding when the season is off-peak. We all know how prices everywhere increase, especially during the peak season of the location. Either plan it during the off season or book it in, significantly in-advance. If you book the location two years in-advance, you will be able to get it at that current year’s price. The longer you wait to secure your flights and venue, the greater chance that the prices would’ve increased. If you are planning on having a small, intimate gathering, then go for vacation homes such as a large villa or Airbnb. This is one of the best tips for those planning a destination wedding. A hotel can be very expensive, which is why vacation homes can be a great alternative to those. However, when choosing a vacation home, be careful of the extra charges and taxes as every location is different, so ensure you research well. Moreover, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot on decoration. If you choose a beautiful location itself, you do not have to over-accessorize it with flowers and more decoration.


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You do not have to get thank you and ceremony program cards made from a third-party vendor. If you or any of your close friends are good with a computer then we think you can totally do them yourself. This will be more affordable whilst also adding a more personal touch. Once you create one template, you’re basically done. Programs such as Illustrator, In Design and Publisher are great. You can even search up free invite/card markers on Google and use their template and step by step guide. It might seem daunting at first but it’s really not as difficult as it sounds. Most modern-day invites are simple and plain. As long as you’ve got the basic information on your invite, don’t feel the need to have fancy borders or water-coloured backgrounds. Go to a professional printer and they will guide you with the rest.



Designer: d’Italia / Photographer: AlmaPhotography

Since the budget is tight, you may think that a pre-made gown will be your best option; but in actual fact a poorly made off-the-rack dress could end up costing you more with alterations. People also usually complain about how hard it is to find plus-size wedding dresses but that is not a problem as a Dressmaker in Melbourne can help you create the perfect gown tailored just to your body shape. Most destination weddings happen outdoors, amongst the gorgeous view so it’s important to take this into consideration when designing a gown. If you have to fly to the location then it’s important that you select a material that doesn’t crease and wrinkle easily. A heavily beaded gown could also be super impractical when travelling as the weight will be a lot heavier than a plain gown. It is also more breathable and a lot more cost efficient to opt for a simple, plain dress. Set a budget and discuss this with your designer from the get-go. Because you are designing your gown from scratch, your designer can guide you with fabrics that won’t exceed over your budget. You will have more control and flexibility when going down the custom-made path. Alterations are always included at d’Italia so you don’t need to fret about additional costs fellow brides.