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Traditional ceremonies are overruled, as the concept of “getting married” has changed. The pressures of having a traditional grand ceremony is not so important anymore. People are focusing on what really matters to individual couples and are embracing new trends of Micro Wedding, Minimony or Elopement Ceremonies. Our bride Fredi and husband Michka tied the knot in the month of July 2020 in an intimate elopement ceremony and it could not be more meaningful and special. Here are some important facts to consider if you are in a place to postpone or scale down your wedding.

Fredi and her husband Michka both made quick decisions to cancel their wedding plans for November 2020 because they knew majority of their family and friends overseas will not be able to travel. The couple plans to have a larger ceremony in the near future, when it is safe to travel aboard. Eloping was 100% the best decision for Fredi and Michka as they thought it was not fair to only have half the guest invited. If you are trying to figure out what option is best for you, then first consider how many guests you intend to invite and the number of guests you could scale down to. If you have not spoken to a person in the last year or two then maybe they can firstly be ruled out. Also, plus ones that you do not talk to or personally know can also be crossed off. This also may mean saying no to relatives that are not your immediate family and do not share a close bond with. Remember only invite people that are truly special to you and your partner’s life.

d’Italia Couture

Photo Credit: Photographer: charmainevisuals, Flowers: glasshausdesign, MUA and Hair: theethicalmuamelbourne, Brides Oufit: d’Italia Couture.

An elopement ceremony is an intimate wedding between the bride, groom, celebrant and two witnesses. Eloping is certainly more fashionable than what traditionally we thought it to be of getting married in secrecy. People choosing to elope, do not feel the need to keep it a secret. Couples are choosing to pay more attention to their elopement ceremony to be more meaningful. Easy Weddings 2019 Wedding Industry Report survey has found that “76% of marriages in Australia are performed by a civil celebrant and only 23% will have religious or church wedding ceremony”. So, elopement ceremony is not just heading to a registry office to sign on the dotted line, more people are choosing to pick their location, music and write their own vows to create individuality that is sentimental to them. Often this moment is shared with loved ones by captured photographs or videos on social media.

NikiPress Designs

Photo Credit: Image Via Esty, NikiPress Designs

A Minimony is simply a “mini ceremony”, an intimate ceremony between guest up 10. Whereas a Micro Wedding is a scaled down wedding of guest up to 50. There are many benefits of having a Micro or Mini Wedding ceremony. A scaled down wedding function can set the tone for an intimate wedding experience, budget more effectively, focus and pay attention to detail and all the while planning your wedding with less or no stress!

Jessica and MitchJessica and Mitch

Photo Credits: Photographer: Dan Brannan, Couple: Jessica and Mitch, Dress: d’Italia Couture, Rentals: Kyneton Hire and Tipi Hire, Venue: Family Property


 Fredi and Michka had their elopement ceremony at a family property on the Great Ocean Road. The couple had no guest, however their amazing photographer and videographer acted as their two witnesses along with their celebrant, that together shared their personal vows to each other. I am sure, all couples have dreamed of the perfect picturesque location to say “I do”. Maybe it is a rose filled garden, dewy rainforest with a waterfall backdrop or the edge of a cliff facing the ocean. A smaller wedding can allow you to make your scared commitment to your loved one at your dream location. Which will surely be more memorable and breathtaking than saying “I do” at a chapel with family and friends you have not connected with in years but felt oblige to invite.

: charmainevisuals

Bride Fredi: “Of course it was sad to cancel our original plans, but eloping was 100% the right decision for us. We would have loved to celebrate with friends and family, but first and foremost the wedding was about us and for us.”

Photo Credit: Photographer: charmainevisuals, Location: Great Ocean Road

Attention to detail and Cost

Larger your guest list and grander the wedding the more it will cost. The stricter the couple will have to be with their budget, and in most circumstances, this means making compromises with certain details you wish you didn’t have too. Many venues offer micro wedding packages, thus allowing you to splurge more on your dream honeymoon getaway or other elements that are important to you. With a mini ceremony a couple will not only have more money to splurge, but they will also have more time to pay close attention on creating the Pinterest perfect wedding you dreamt off. You can be sure to amaze your guest with paying closer attention to your décor or have that fabulous wedding stationary you have been swooning over.

Rebecca and Andy Falsones

Rebecca and Andy Falsones Rebecca and Andy Falsones

Rebecca and Andy Falsones

Beautiful detail from Rebecca and Andy Falsones Country Boho Wedding.

Photographer: Shot from the Heart, Flowers: Wren Florista, Venue: Springhurst Butter Factory, Catering: High Country Food Co.

Stress Free

The word and feeling STRESS can be eliminated or minimised from your wedding day and planning! Let’s be honest, wedding planning is not for everyone and I have heard it many times before, it is a lot of money to be spending for just one day! A micro wedding will give you the flexibility to budget wisely and spend on all the details you only want to. Sit down with your fiancé and really discuss what is important and meaningful for your small ceremony. Fredi and Michka, hired a videographer to capture their ceremony to share with family and friends that cannot be present on the day. Fredi also made adjustments to her custom-made wedding dress through d’Italia. As the wedding was originally for summer, we designed a wedding dress for Fredi. However, with the change of dates to July Ferdi decided to change her design to a bridal jumpsuit to suit the colder climate. Having the freedom and flexibility to do what you want, means less stress. Fredi recalls enjoying “not having to look after guest and play the role of host on our wedding day. Instead it felt like a very slow, meaningful day just between us”.

d’Italia Coutured’Italia Couture

Photo Credit: Photographer: charmainevisuals, Flowers: glasshausdesign, MUA and Hair: theethicalmuamelbourne, Brides Oufit: d’Italia Couture.

Elopement Ceremony, Micro Wedding and Miniony has brought back that sentimental value that we tend to lose when we plan a wedding. A smaller scale wedding will allow more room for couples to create space that is more meaningful for them. Traditions are forever evolving as we head towards the future. Couples are redefining and personalising what a wedding should be. The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study states that “nearly 51% of all couples marry someone with a different background”. Mixing elements from different cultures and religions, you don’t need to feel restricted to follow what is the norm in this decade. There is no such a thing! You are celebrating LOVE and that should be the centre of all your decisions.

d’Italia Couture

Bride Fredi “ I had a stunning bridal bouquet, I got my hair and makeup done in the morning, we had a wedding cake, so the day still felt very special”

Photo Credit: Photographer: charmainevisuals, Flowers: glasshausdesign, MUA and Hair: theethicalmuamelbourne, Brides Oufit: d’Italia Couture.

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