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Are you thinking about adding sleeves to your dream wedding gown? …. Whether you’re after simple and classy, beaded and embellished or a voluminous statement, we’ve got you covered. These are some of our all-time favourite sleeve designs from long to short and everything in-between. Finding the right sleeve can be a challenge when they’re all so beautiful but we’ve got some great tips and tricks that can help you decide which is the perfect one for your custom bridal gown. No matter what style you opt for, there will always be a sleeve to compliment it beautifully. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite designs.

Alon Livne White

Designer: Alon Livne White


If you’re after something simple and sophisticated then the off-the-shoulder sleeve is the one for you. This stunning design is perfect to achieve a classic and elegant look. For brides wanting to modernise the off-the-shoulder look, then consider opting for a rectangular band. The thick rectangle style band adds a touch of modernity and will look slightly more edgy. The off-the-shoulder design can be incorporated into virtually any sleeve length, depending on your personal preference. To add a touch of glam, consider adding a touch of pearls or lace along the off-the-shoulder band to highlight this feature. This design is a beautiful and elegant way to accentuate your collarbones and draw attention to your face and bodice. When opting for any sort of strapless or off-the-shoulder feature, consider adding a beautiful drop earring to complete your bridal look.




There are various ways of achieving a lace sleeve; whether you opt for overlay or applique, you will not be disappointed with adding this stunning addition to your bridal gown. The applique method requires cutting around your gorgeous lace and re-assembling it according to your preference. This technique allows you to have the freedom of selecting how much lace you want and where you want the lace to go, along with how much skin you would like to showcase. Your gorgeous lace is always appliqued onto a beautiful fine tulle that is virtually invisible and will give you that natural look, as though the flowers are sprinkled onto your arm. This sleeve is by far one of the most popular and we can definitely see why. It’s extremely beautiful and feminine and without a doubt, makes a stunning additional to complete your bridal look.

Pnina Tornai

  Designer: Pnina Tornai


Over the past couple years, plain gowns have dominated the bridal market with more brides opting for simplicity and sophistication, over extravagant and heavily embellished ball-gowns. But for brides wanting to stay on trend and keep it simple, whilst also adding a personal touch of glamour, then this ½ lace sleeve is the perfect one for your custom gown. No matter what type of lace you select, anyone can achieve this stunning style. There are various ways to incorporate lace and embellishment into a ½ sleeve design but this is by far our favourite. To really showcase your gorgeous lace, consider lining the sleeve only half way so your stunning lace sits against your natural skin. This will allow that beautiful pattern to really shine! Alternatively, you can utilise a gorgeous fine trim along the cuff to achieve a subtler look. This type of sleeve is suitable for all styles of gowns!




The handkerchief style is one of the most underrated sleeves. The loose, flowy design drapes seamlessly from the shoulders and is always cut on a diagonal angle, achieving that beautiful waterfall design. The handkerchief look is best achieved from a lightweight material and looks incredibly glamorous when made from a delicate beaded and pearl fabric. For brides wanting more coverage without compromising on elegance, then this style is perfect for you. The handkerchief sleeve can come in various lengths, from long and dramatic, to a simple cap sleeve and everything in-between.

Noiva Ansiosa

Designer: Noiva Ansiosa


Are you on the hunt for a beautiful vintage style gown?… we know the perfect sleeves for you. Vintage gowns are often made from beautiful soft, delicate materials. Whether it’s a fine soft tulle, a touch of hail spot or a gorgeous traditional French Chantilly lace, all of these fabrics are perfect to re-create any antique or vintage look. The hail spot tulle has become increasingly popular over the past year, with brides incorporating it into their bridal gown and even their veil. The soft hail spot tulle is great for the traditional bride, wanting to achieve that timeless and classic style without the old-fashion look. To complete your hail spot sleeve, add a simple thin Chantilly lace trim to finish off the edges which will really add that wow factor.

Pinella Passaro

Designer: Pinella Passaro


There’s no denying how popular the balloon style statement sleeve has become over the past few years. The voluminous tulle sleeve element is a great way to glam up your bridal look without having the heavy beading and puffy ball gown skirt. The balloon sleeve looks incredible when made from a fine tulle or silk organza. The balloon style sleeve can be made detachable, for any brides wanting the versatility to change up their wedding look. The balloon style sleeve compliments various dress styles, however we can’t deny how gorgeous it looks when paired with a soft and flowy A-line gown. The whole ensemble can achieve a very dreamy and feminine look, for brides wanting that princess-like feeling.

Lee Petra Grebenau

Designer: Lee Petra Grebenau


If you’re after simple and classic then you can’t look past a clean-cut full-length sleeve. A plain sleeve is exceptionally beautiful when your gown is completely plain or has minimal beading or lace. The full-length sleeve is very flattering and adds a touch of royalty to any bridal gown. If you’re getting married in the warmer months then consider opting for a ¾ length. To turn your plain, fitted sleeve into a stunning bridal addition, we would recommend adding a touch of silk covered or pearl buttons along the cuff. A few buttons can go a long way, to turning your plain sleeve into a beautiful, regal and couture look.

Designer: Elena Vasylkova


The fit and flare style sleeve may not be common but it is by far one of the most unique and romantic style sleeves. The bell flare, adds a gorgeous flowy element which ties in beautifully with a soft and subtle A-line skirt. For all those boho brides out there, this sleeve is perfect for you. When made from a stunning Guipure lace or cotton crochet lace, this sleeve will definitely make a statement. For brides wanting to achieve a more elegant and contemporary look, we would recommend opting for a stunning silk or tulle sleeve with a modern embroidered floral lace appliqued on top.


Designer: Innocentia (Taormina Collection 2019)


To all our boho and hippie brides out there, we have found the perfect sleeve for you! This extravagant flowy sleeve design will definitely wow your guests with its dramatic flair and beautiful, unique lace pattern. When trying to customise your gown to a more casual and boho style, a flared sleeve will never let you down. To really complete the look, select laces that have paisley patterns, large florals and curves (instead of small florals and geometric lines). Thicker laces such as a French Guipure lace or cotton embroidered tulle are perfect to compliment this boho, relaxed style. For brides wanting to really make a statement, consider using an arch (round shaped) scallop edging along the hemline of your sleeve to really finish it off.

Rue de Seine Bridal

Designer:Rue de Seine Bridal


If you’re not keen on covering your shoulders and you’re a massive lover of the strapless style but you also want to incorporate sleeves, then this off-the-shoulder ¾ ruched look is the perfect one for your custom gown. This stunning sleeve is a great way to accentuate your collarbones and draw attention to that beautiful neckline. For a more classic look, consider adding a touch of drapery and ruching to your sleeve to add a beautiful soft and romantic touch. When ruching your sleeve it is best to select a lightweight and delicate fabric such as a pure silk georgette, fine tulle or chiffon. You can also use a silk satin if you’d prefer to not showcase your skin with a transparent material. When opting for this sleeve, it’s always nice to add a touch of ruching on your bodice as well, so it ties in beautifully with your sleeves.


Designer: BHLDN