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Planning a wedding


Planning a wedding is an exceptionally exciting process and one that you will cherish forever. However, for anyone who is not in the bridal industry it can often be very daunting and overwhelming. When getting a gown custom-made it’s important that you ask all the right questions before diving right in. Doing some research and becoming familiar with the process before you begin with your very own custom journey will ensure you have a smooth, stress-free experience. Afterall, it’s not every day that you get to have a beautiful bespoke bridal gown custom tailored just for you. We speak with one of our beautiful brides Becky Falsone about her experience at d’Italia and to give you a real insight into her custom-made process from start to end. From taking that leap and booking yourself an appointment, to selecting the perfect bridal fabrics to seeing your dream gown come to life in the studio, we go through all the steps, one by one, to show you just how easy and exciting the custom-made process can be. Without further-ado let’s begin…



Research is an extremely important and useful step to ensure you’re all prepared and ready to begin with bridal shopping. Before you get a gown custom-made it’s important that you know what style you are after, whether it’s a ball gown, fit and flare to A-line or something in-between. Head into the bridal boutiques to try on a few different styles to see which one you like the best and which one you feel most comfortable in. Trying on a whole heap of bridal gowns can often be very overwhelming and cause great confusion, so we recommend narrowing down your options early on.

Ask your bridal consultant if you can take pictures of your favourite looks, as this will help you massively when trying to convey your ideas and vision to your personal Bridal Designer.

If you’re not so keen on trying dress after dress, we totally get it… Jump onto some bridal directories such as Ivory tribe, easy weddings, or PolkaDot Bride (just to name a few) to get inspired and check out a whole range of real weddings. You can get an incredible insight into different dress styles, laces, how other brides style and accessorise their bridal looks and tie in with their wedding décor and bridal florals. Screenshot/save your favourite looks and compile them on a mini mood board or Inspiration folder.

What bridal research did you do prior to visiting us at d’Italia?

“I had an idea in mind of exactly how I wanted my wedding dress to look and fit. I went out searching for what I had envisioned and found some similar but were either lacking in either quality or the complete design I was after. It was then when I started researching some options to have my dream dress made.”



Now it’s time to take that leap! Booking an appointment with a bridal designer is super easy (and really exciting). You can contact a team member through many outlets as listed below:

  • Send us a direct message via Instagram or Facebook
  • Place an enquiry through the d’Italia website (
  • Send us an email (
  • Contact us directly on 95094633

Now is the perfect time to chat to the team about all your ideas. It’s recommended that you have your wedding date all booked in so the team can ensure your gown Is possible within the time-frame. It’s also advised to let your designers know from the beginning what your budget constraints are. This will give them a good idea of what possibilities to explore as well as give you some clarification of what can be achieved.

TIP- For brides on a smaller budget don’t be afraid to tell your consultant the absolute maximum amount you would like to spend. The beauty of custom-made is that anything is possible and your professional bridal designer will know exactly how to help you bring your vision to life.

How did you find out about d’Italia?

“I found d’Italia on Instagram and through some googling online. They looked like such a reputable brand who also sold stunning fabrics which made the process so much easier.”



If you’re considering getting a gown custom-made then chances are you haven’t found your dream bridal gown yet. Perhaps you’ve found something close but not quite ‘the one’, or perhaps it doesn’t exist because of how unique it is? Either way, custom-made is your opportunity to take full creative control and design your dream bridal gown completely from scratch. Conveying your ideas can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have a fashionista background. Compile all your inspiration pictures into one folder or Google drive and email them through to your designer. This may consist of a bunch of sketches you hand drew yourself, gowns you’ve tried on in-store or even a range of stunning gowns you’ve found online.

If you’re not sure what pictures to share with your designer, have a look at the list below:

  • The main shape of the dress (fit and flare, A-line, ball gown, sheath etc.)
  • The colour you like (champagne, ivory, white, blush etc.)
  • The neckline, sleeves and back designs you like
  • Lace or beaded fabrics you love the look of



What makes a gown so beautiful?… Some may say the design and cut of the gown but the real secret to any stunning outfit is the fabric you select. In-store you will be guided through our stunning range of Designer fabrics, French laces, luxurious silks and a whole heap more. When opting for a custom-made gown it’s important to invest in the most premium bridal fabric. The finish and drape of the fabric will make a great impact to the overall appearance. The fabrics selected will all depend on the style of your dream gown and sometimes even your body shape. During your personalised bridal appointment, you will have the opportunity to see and feel all the stunning bridal fabrics. Your designer will drape them on you so you can get a great visual of how it’ll look when all made up. Your designer will also guide you with selecting the perfect colour to suit your complexion by showing you a whole range of possible options. For brides wanting a more glamorous look, whether that be lace or beading, then you’re in luck… our stunning Malvern store is a bridal lace haven with an incredible array of high quality laces from all over the World. You’ll get to explore the whole range, play around with pattern placements and ultimately select the perfect one to bring your vision to life.

How did you know that your fabrics were the right one’s for your dress?

“I did search around for material at a few shops but d’Italia was the only place that had the EXACT fabric I was after and they understood the style I was trying to achieve.”



Quite often brides getting a gown custom-made want to combine a variety of ideas into the one design, but visualising this can sometimes be difficult. At d’Italia, our designers are all qualified and experienced in bridal design, garment construction, fabric knowledge, pattern-making, styling and much more. Our talented team can hand-sketch your bridal gown, alongside you during that initial appointment with us. It’s important to go to your designer with a relatively clear idea in mind so they can provide their valuable expertise to ensure your vision is made possible. Your designer/dressmaker will also be able to help with fine-tuning the style and give you advice on what little details and necklines will flatter you the best. Seeing your ideas in sketch form is such an exciting part of the process. It’s also important to note that the custom-made process is done in step by step stages and quite often your initial sketch will change and alter slightly throughout the making process. In fact, it’s very common for brides to tweak the style.

Did your end gown change slightly from your initial idea?

“Not at all. My vision of my wedding dress was clear in my head from the very start and with the help of Mary my amazing dressmaker, it came out EXACTLY how I had pictured it. I honestly couldn’t have been happier.”



Your first bridal appointment is an exciting step in the process but if you think that was fun then you should be extra excited now. Now is the time to bring your beautiful ideas to life. You will be referred to one of D’Italia’s expert Bridal Couturiers (dressmaker) and will head over to the studio to work one on one right up until your wedding date.

Your first appointment with your dressmaker will allow you to get to know her, ask her any questions you may have about the process and fittings and you’ll even get a sneak peek at some of the stunning bridal gowns currently in production. It’s important that before we begin, we do a mock-up trial run. This allows all our brides to try on their dream gown from a cheaper (yet similar) fabric. This is called a toile. During this stage, you are given the opportunity to tweak and modify your dress accordingly. You may decide to change the neckline, alter the length of the train or figure out how low you can have that open back without compromising the support and corsetry. It’s a whole heap of fun and experimenting to make sure you get exactly what you vision. And don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about fashion or garment construction. Our expert Couturiers will guide you throughout the whole process, right up until the day you take home your finished bespoke bridal dress. How exciting!!


What was your favourite part about the making process with your dressmaker? How many fittings did you have?

My favourite part of the process was just working with my dressmaker. She really listened to what style and aspects of the dress were important to me. It was so much fun seeing my dress come together each fitting and knowing if I was not happy with something I could easily alter it before it was complete. I think I had around 5 fittings.”

 Was custom-making your dream gown, exactly how you thought it would be?

“Yes. I was nervous in the beginning about whether my dress would turn out how I imagined, but after meeting my dressmaker I was totally at ease. I knew I would leave with my dream dress, which I did!”

“Highly recommend to all future brides who are looking for genuine couture wedding dresses at affordable prices!!”- Becky Falsone