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Designer: d’Italia // Photographer- @andrewaviphotographer // Bride- @Brittanycamz

If you’ve tried on gown after gown and still can’t find the perfect ‘one’, you’re definitely not alone. It’s very common for brides to have a clear idea in their mind of what they would like their dream wedding dress to look like, but finding it in a pre-made bridal boutique can be quite the challenge. Perhaps you’ve tried on what feels like a million gowns and you just can’t seem to narrow down your favourite choices. Too many to pick from? Too many gorgeous designs you admire? Or maybe you’ve tried on so many dresses but still haven’t fallen in love with one. This can sometimes be quite a deflating and disheartening experience for brides. It can also often cause you to doubt yourself and your initial dress visions. But we want to assure you, that your dream wedding gown is definitely out there.


Designer: d’Italia // Photographer: @Shotfromtheheart // Bride: @Beckyfalsone

Take and deep breath and remember that dress shopping is a super fun and exciting journey. Afterall, it’s not every day that a girl gets to twirl in a stunning ball-gown draped in layers of tulle, exquisite lace and sparkles. We also understand that certain pressures and expectations from family and friends can cause a lot of confusion and anxiety. Whilst kindly taking into consideration the opinions of others, remember to also stay true to your vision and know that your nearest and dearest will love whatever gown you select in the end.

So, if you can’t find your dream wedding dress, here’s what you need to do:


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It can easily become quite overwhelming trying on dress after dress, especially if you’re heading to various bridal boutiques and trying on several different gown shapes and silhouettes. If you find yourself confused, lost and disheartened because you haven’t found your perfect gown, it may be time to take a bit of a break. If your time-frame allows it, take a couple weeks off dress-shopping to recollect your thoughts and refine your bridal vision. If you took pictures of the gowns you already tried on, consider flicking through them and narrowing down the options you like and completely eliminating the gowns that you aren’t so keen on. It’s extremely important to remove your least favourite designs and perhaps select only a few favourites before jumping back into bridal shopping. Taking a break will allow you to see things again with a fresh eye and a new perspective. It may be a good idea to head back to your favourite bridal boutiques to re-try on some of the gowns that you really liked. If you didn’t have any stand-out favourites, it is best to book an appointment with a new and different bridal store or designer. Avoid trying on the same silhouettes that you did in the first round of shopping as this may only cause the same sort of confusion.



Designer: d’Italia // Photographer: @the_wedding_fair // Bride: @miss_b_juretich

If you’re struggling to make a decision or can’t seem to find the perfect gown for you, it may be because of external opinions and influences. Bringing along a large entourage to your bridal fittings is definitely exciting and lots of fun but it can often leave you feeling a little overwhelmed afterwards. You may not realise this initially, but the opinions and expectations from your nearest and dearest could be affecting your ability to select a gown. It is very common for brides to feel pressured to please and satisfy their family and friends but it can also create a stressful experience when it comes to trying on wedding dresses. It may be a good idea to only bring along one or two of your closest family or friends to help you make a decision. The least amount of people at your fitting, the less number of opinions. Always remember to stick to your bridal vision and go with the gown that makes you feel the most beautiful. Your nearest and dearest will love whatever gown you end up choosing. If you have a large bridal party or you can’t select who you should bring along, it may be helpful to go alone and seek the advice and guidance from your expert bridal consultant/designer. You can always send pictures and videos of your chosen gown to your family and friends afterwards.



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Research is a crucial step to ensure you have an easy breezy journey when it comes to finding the right dress for you and your body shape. If you have tried on dress after dress and still can’t seem to find ‘the one’, don’t fret, we have a super easy tip to get you back on the road to finding your gown. Firstly, it may be a good idea to stop trying on dresses in store for the time being. Take a break and head onto Pinterest, Instagram and various other bridal outlets and directories to scout for some new inspiration. Think about the gowns you’ve already tried on and what your favourite options were. Explore some similar designs to this and save them on a mood board or in a document. Remember to not keep it too broad as this is the stage where you really need to narrow down your concepts and refine your favourite designs. It might even be helpful to gather one picture of your favourite neckline, back design, train length, fabric, dress shape etc. The key is to keep it limited and don’t look at too much. If you are still struggling with narrowing down your options it is advised to reach out to an experienced bridal designer or bridal stylist who can guide you through this step.



Design and picture by: d’Italia

If you’ve got a specific and unique gown in mind, you may find it quite difficult to find it in store as most pre-made boutiques only stock standard, mass-produced gowns. However, don’t worry, if you can’t find your dream dress in store you can always get it custom-made just for you! Reach out to a bridal designer and be sure to share all of your ideas and pictures of gowns that you liked or even tried on. Your designer will be able to combine all of your favourite concepts into one beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind sketch. A designer can also guide you with what neckline, dress silhouette, train length etc. will be most suitable and flattering for you and your body shape. From discussing the finest details, to selecting the most luxurious fabrics and sourcing the most intricate and exquisite laces, a custom bespoke gown is a great option for any bride struggling to find their dream dress. With impeccable craftsmanship, unlimited fittings and a trial-mock-up gown, getting a gown custom tailored just for YOU is one of the most magical and memorable experiences and will ensure that you walk away with a dress you truly love and adore.



Designer: d’Italia // Photographer: @neiyo // Bride: @vytran

Believe it or not, adding a simple veil or a few hair accessories can make such a difference to the way you perceive a gown. Sometimes it can be quite hard to visualise the finished look and in some cases, you may not feel fully like a bride until you add these simple additions. If you’re struggling to fall in love with a gown it might be a good idea to ask your bridal consultant or designer to select a few pieces just for you. It’s important to remember that your accessories will be dependent on the design and cut of the gown, along with the fabric, lace and/or beading featured. It may also be helpful to consider your venue location, dress-code, weather and possible hair styles that you may opt for on the day. Don’t over-do your accessories. Keep it simple whether it’s a beaded belt, a plain veil or a pearl stud earring. The key is to remember that less is more!



Fabric and picture by: d’Italia

It is very common for brides to have a very clear and distinct vision of what they want their wedding dress to look like, but finding it in a store that is stocked with standard pre-made gowns may be virtually impossible. If this is you, you’re not alone. It may be a good idea to consider an alternate option such as the bespoke custom-made route. Head into some bridal fabric stores to view their collections and see what is available and accessible to you. A fabric store is a great way to get inspired, feel the materials and explore their stunning range of exclusive and intricate bridal laces and embellishments. This step may help you discover the type of bridal fabrics you like most, the colour that suits your complexion best or even the pattern of the lace that is most suitable to bring your bridal vision to life. Who knows, you might get super inspired by a stunning lace and decide to design your whole gown around that material! You’d be surprised by the endless options and designs you could go for when opting for a hand-made wedding gown. Speak to the consultant about potentially designing or customising your very own bridal fabrics and laces. This is a fantastic way to truly create a one of a kind masterpiece. Ensure that you take plenty of pictures when exploring these gorgeous collections.



Designer: d’Italia // Photographer: @Shotfromtheheart // Bride: @Beckyfalsone

One of the biggest mistakes that brides make when bridal shopping is trying on way too many different styled wedding dresses. From fit and flare, to ball-gown, to off-the-shoulder, v-neckline, long train, short train etc. The various designs and shapes will only create a lot of confusion for you. When trying on gowns, it’s important that you have done plenty of research first. This will save you a whole heap of time and stress when it comes to finding a gown that reflects your vision and wedding day theme. If you’re still struggling to find your perfect gown, consider focusing on just one feature that is most important to you. Is it the neckline? Or a specific dress shape? Convey this to your bridal consultant or designer when you first meet with them. It may also be helpful to construct a list of all the other design features, fabrics, colours and additional details that you know you love and want showcased in your bespoke gown. It can also be helpful to prioritise your list in order of what is most important to you. If you’re struggling to write a list of all your favourite designs, consider writing a list of all the things that you know you don’t want. It may be silly at first, but it can be extremely helpful for both you and your designer when it comes to creating or finding your perfect dream gown.



Designer: d’Italia // Photographer: @theodoreandco_ // Bride: @michaelydia

Finding a gown that ticks all of your boxes is definitely not an easy task. In some cases, it can be virtually impossible to find your unique and personal vision in a standard pre-made boutique. But don’t fear fellow brides, because you can always alter a gown. That’s right! You might have tried on a dress that was quite similar to what you hoped your dream gown would be like. With a few alterations and some tweaking here and there, you might be able to customise a pre-made gown into your very own unique and one of kind wedding dress. However, it’s important to keep in mind that altering a pre-made gown can be quite difficult depending on the modification you require. It can also be quite an expensive investment so it is always advised to speak to a professional designer or dressmaker before opting for this avenue. It is also important that you seek a dressmaker with years of experience and knowledge in bridal design and construction. Ensure you read some reviews first and view some of his/her work in person before committing to them. For brides that opt for the custom-made route, you are often provided with unlimited fittings, meaning that you can try on your gown in step by step stages and as many times as you like to ensure you love the way it looks and the way it fits you.



Designer: d’Italia // Photographer: @hellochloemay // Bride: @tahliascalzo

For some, bridal shopping can be a stressful and tedious task and this can sometimes come from the pressures and benchmarks that we put upon ourselves. Yes, everyone will be looking at you on your wedding day and yes, everyone is super excited to see you in your bridal gown but just remember that no matter what gown you select, your family and friends will always support you and will love what you pick regardless. Try and avoid worrying about what others think or what they expect and want from you. We hate to break it to you, but your wedding day is all about you and your partner so it’s important that you put yourself first every step of the process, from selecting a venue, a plated menu, to selecting your dream wedding gown. Remember that this is supposed to be a fun and memorable experience that you will most likely remember for the rest of your life. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find your dream bridal gown straight away. In fact, it’s common for brides to try on various gowns from various stores before saying yes to the dress. We can assure you, you will find your dream gown eventually. In the meantime, enjoy twirling around in stunning dresses with beautiful laces and exquisite trains whilst you giggle and drink bubbles with your bridal entourage.

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