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Photographer: Wild Romantic Photography / Designer: d’Italia

As 2021 slowly heads back to normality we can expect to see a lot of weddings and celebrations resuming. But planning for a wedding definitely won’t be the same. 2020 has reshaped our lives in many ways and shopping for your perfect bridal gown might look a little different to what you initially expected. So, what on earth do we mean by this? Well, as wedding ceremonies have changed (dramatically) we can expect to see brides opting for a different kind of wedding-day look. As venue locations, guest sizes and themes begin to change, wedding gowns and trends will also begin to shift which means that 2021 will be a year full of unique styles and one that will definitely stray from tradition. One of the biggest reasons for this is because of the restricted size in weddings. With mini-ceremonies, brides definitely no longer feel the need to go all out and opt for an extravagant traditional bridal gown; instead it is all about simplicity, affordability and comfort.


Designer: d’Italia

In 2021, people are taking advantage of the pandemic situation and are inclined on doing small and intimate ceremonies with their closed ones only. These ceremonies take place usually at a rooftop or backyard, mainly in the open. Now, since the venues have changed, it is only appropriate that the wedding dresses vary too according to the venue. So, without further-ado we’re about to explore the top wedding dress Melbourne trends of 2021.

Cocktail Frocksd’Italia

Photographer: Love Made Visible / Designer: d’Italia

Since weddings are now happening on a small scale, brides are all ready to abandon old traditions and go with what is most comfortable for them.

Most couples are straying away from the indoor ballroom receptions and opting for an outdoor ceremony in places like the botanical gardens, rooftop bars and country farmhouses. Because of this, a lot of brides are considering what is most practical and suitable for these locations. We can expect to see a lot of brides opting for shorter frocks from tea length gowns to mini party dresses. But don’t fear fellow brides, just because you’re not wearing a long gown with a train doesn’t mean you won’t look and feel like a bride. It is quite popular for brides to be adding separate bridal accessories in the form of bridal wings and a detachable train. Also, don’t be afraid to add a splash of feathers or tassels to your mini cocktail gown. These fun features are a perfect way to add a unique and frisky touch to your bridal gown.

Pale Blush Dressesd’Italia

Photographer: Pierre Curry / Designer: d’Italia

Whilst ivory is a universal colour for brides, in 2021, pale pink is also not too far behind. Brides are also gushing over pale pink dresses, which immediately make their skin look sun-kissed and highlighted. When paired with pearl accessories, brides look absolutely breath-taking. So, if you are someone who does not want to settle with a traditional long white dress, then pale blush is the go-to colour. The dress will not only enhance your complexion but is the perfect statement feature to wow your guests. Dressmakers Melbourne can be seen shifting towards this colour as an alternative to ivory. This dress is also an excellent choice for those looking for mother of the bride outfits. If you’re not a big fan of the pale blush colour but you still want a touch of warm tones throughout your gown/outfit, then consider an oyster, beige, champagne or nude. Your designer can always guide you with the perfect tone to complement your body, skin type and dream wedding look.

One Leg Flashd’Italia

Photographer: Josie Lee / Designer: d’Italia

2021 is all about wearing what you’ve dreamt of! Now is not the time to hold back. After a year full of restrictions, it is time to let loose and have fun with your bridal outfit. It is very common for brides to feel the need to wear a big extravagant ball gown to their wedding in order to meet their guests’ expectations and really feel like a bride. But this is definitely not the case and it should not feel mandatory. 2021 wedding dress trends is all about kicking these so-called traditions aside and wearing whatever your heart desires.


Designer: d’Italia

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s important to know that it is 100% YOUR day and no matter what you end up wearing, your guests will absolutely love it (even if it is a high split gown). In fact, 2021 is embracing the high split more than ever before. It slowly came on trend a few years ago but since the Coronavirus pandemic we can expect a lot more brides opting for this look. Why, you may ask? Well splits are not only a lot of fun to wear but they’re extremely functional and can be especially great for outdoor weddings. They are a lot more comfortable to dance and move around in and comfortability is a big trend at the moment. Along with this, splits are a great way to reduce the formality of your look. As weddings decrease in size, it’s the perfect feature to complement your wedding-day theme.

Chic Jumpsuitsd’Italia

Photographer: Charmaine Visuals / Designer: d’Italia

We’re not going to lie, we’re a little biased here; jumpsuits look badass on brides, not to mention they will get you noticed instantly. Jumpsuits are a great alternative to gowns. If you want to wear something non-traditional, then jumpsuits are your best shot. Mix it up with some lace, shimmer, and ta-da… you’re good to go!

Many brides have started opting for ivory jumpsuits. The reason why these are in such high demand is because jumpsuits are super comfortable and are a lot more casual. Brides can easily move around without worrying about their dress and train dragging through the mud on their big day. If you’re looking for plus-size wedding dresses but can’t seem to find anything you like then definitely consider a bridal jumpsuit. Jumpsuits look particularly elegant when made from a plain bridal stretch crepe fabric. It’s important to opt for a stretch as this will help the fabric mould to your body and it will make it A LOT more comfortable to move around in.

Ruffles for daysKiki Riki

Designer: Kiki Riki

Are you a hopeless romantic? Always wanted to wear a dress which was long, ruffled and beautiful, just like it is shown on tv? Then this is the year to wear it. 2021 is all about ruffles. From layers of tulle, sheer organza waves, to delicately pleated ruffles, this year is going to be massive! Ruffles can come in various looks and fullness’s. They are often made in delicate sheer materials but they can also be made in a solid fabric too depending on the look that you’re after. As weddings begin to simplify with couples opting for a more lowkey and casual reception, we can expect a lot of brides searching for that perfect fun party dress. When people think of a ruffle wedding gown we often immediately think of a giant ballgown with layers upon layers of fabric. But don’t forget brides, we’re in 2021! It’s all about being daring and having fun so when we talk about ruffles we are referring to a short mini gown with this quirky touch.

Wedding CorsetsCouture Candy

Designer: Couture Candy

Wedding corsets are no longer like the traditional eighteenth century whale bone corsetry. As amazing and technical as they were, a corset can come in various looks. Most commonly a corset is in-built within a gown and is not seen or visible. It is there to add support and structure to a dress, whilst creating a smooth finish. However, a corset can also be on the outside of a gown too. Sounds weird, right? Well not as weird as you may think. For years now, we have seen wedding gowns featuring the external boning and tracking. Those structured lines on a dress are not just there to look pretty and add extra detail into a design but they are also extremely functional and serve a great purpose in the construction of a gown. The external corset look is definitely a 2021 favourite. It can sometimes look a little like lingerie and give a gown a sexy touch. As 2021 weddings become more casual and more like party celebrations, we totally understand why this look is trending.

Top Wedding Accessory Trends Of 2021

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about being a trendy and modern 2021 bride, it’s time to talk about the top wedding accessory trends of 2021. Let’s begin:

Veils with Embroideryd’Italia

Photographer: Shot from the Heart / Designer: d’Italia

Plain dresses are definitely a bridal gown trend. With such a simple gown we can expect to see brides opting for statement accessories such as a detailed lace veil. If you want to look unique and different in a subtle way, then veil embroideries will help you achieve that. Because they are not beaded or 3d they won’t overpower your gown. It’s a great way to add a modern bridal touch to a simple wedding dress. When opting for an embroidered veil, it’s important to know that there are various kinds of embroideries that can be done on veils. Some brides go for a floral and vine look, whilst others get their initials embroidered on their veils. You can also create a scattered polka dot effect which is a great way to add a more vintage touch.

Prominent Earringsd’Italia

Photographer: Corey Wright Photography / Designer: d’Italia

Good earrings are the first thing people notice when they look at you. And in 2021, everyone’s big on statement earrings. Go for big but modern earrings which can contrast with your dress. Like we mentioned above, brides can wear golden metal earrings or big studs with pale blush dresses. This will instantly enhance your entire look. Remember to not over-accessorise, especially if you are going to be styling your look with prominent statement earrings. It can also look extremely modern to opt for a large statement earring with a pop of colour. Don’t be afraid to get creative. A deep sapphire blue or rich ruby can look incredibly beautiful with a plain ivory wedding gown.

CrownsLauren Beth Photography

Photography: Lauren Beth Photography

Flower crowns on brides are something that will always be in fashion. Go for the seasonal flowers. Keep it minimal and delicate. This will look great with the veil and the entire outfit. Those who prefer going all white can get a contrasting flower crown, like purple or red flowers. Always remember, while the trends keep on changing, you should wear what you want to wear. Do what your heart tells you to do.

And lastly, don’t forget to smile as this is by far the most important accessory that you can wear on your big day.