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Top 8 Fabric Trends for Winter 2022

This Winter it’s all about texture and unique patterns. Expect to see a lot of leopard print and checkard wools for creating warm, soft coats and well-tailored winter skirts. The cool weather will not stop our florals from hitting the market this year; so, expect to see some darker and earthy tone florals, along with a pop of neon. This Winter brings together a range of quirky and unique patterns and we are so excited! If you’re looking for some new Winter fabrics but you have no idea where to start; fear not…. Below are our top 8 favourite fabric trends, expected to land this Winter.

Texture!!! Texture!!! Textures!!!

As advanced technology continues to develop rapidly in the Fashion world, our variety of unique, textural and bizarre fabrics continue to grow too. This Winter it’s all about teaming innovative structures with high performance yarns to create playful and unusual textured fabrics. Whether it’s achieved through high-tech machinery or hand-stitched techniques, we are expecting a vast variety of soft, hard, malleable and colourful fabrics. For the Bridal world, there will be lots of contrast between luxurious flowy sateen fabrics and fluffy, soft feathery accents. As Capes take over this Fall/Winter we can expect to see a lot of chiffon for Bridal and lightweight tailored Wool fabrics for every-day wear. We are super excited for this trend because who doesn’t love a bit of texture??

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NO to real and YES to faux fur

2018 was a massive year for the Fashion Industry as we saw an extensive amount of reputable Designer fashion labels announce that they are discontinuing the use of real fur in their collections. Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti said in a statement that ‘Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible’ and we could not agree more!! For Winter 2019 we can expect to see Gucci, Versace, Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, Furla and so many more Designers opting for a more ethical and sustainable alternative and working with lots of faux fur instead! We are super excited!!

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Touch of Neon

This season we can expect to see some fluoro accents throughout one’s outfit and we are getting a real 90’s vibes from it!! This Fall we are bringing youth and techno back into trend with these super festive neon colours and quirky architectural designs. Some of our fav Designers such as Balmain, Balenciaga and Prada have showcased on their Fall/Winter runway how you can incorporate a pop of colour into your outfit this season without going over the top. Whether it’s a Fluro pink floral coat or some neon green tracksuit, we love seeing some colour in our Winter wardrobes.

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Howdy cowgirl!

We’re heading to the Wild Wild West for this playful trend. Fashion looked to America this season as the models whipped out their cowgirl boots and strutted down the runways, wearing tasselled features and leather elements. The trend also carried out into the accessories department with gorgeous tasselled leather bags, shoes and belts with studded elements to add a real outback cowgirl vibe. It’s not just everyday-wear that embraced the fun tassels this season; Alexander McQueen and Valentino incorporated the funky fringing element into their evening wear collection and it looked stunning!! The romantic twist added an air of glamour to the Western trend.

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Winter floral prints

Who said florals were just for Summer? From floral outfits to bandana’s, to scarves, we are loving the winter floral twist and we have no doubt this fashion craze will surely take off! From playful and quirky patterns to vibrant, fun colours; this season is all about arty twists and making glamorous look and feel fun. Expect to see luxurious printed silks in lots of unique printed patterns. Whilst florals are predominately known for their Spring/Summer vibes, we can expect to see a more darker and earthier tone palette of florals hit the market.

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Check, Check and more Check

Checkard prints came in all variations this season but we cannot forget the all-over Checkard look that hit the Michael Kors and Versace runway. Afterall, Versace is known for their fun, unique patterns and they definitely did not let us down this season. If you love a bit of check then you will be ecstatic for this Winter trend. Straying away from the typical Winter wool dress this year, 2019 is all about the tailored look. Classy blazers and fitted tailored pants made from smooth woollen check fabric, triumphed this season. We are loving how this Winter it’s all about combining the 90’s schoolgirl-look with mad colour-blocking!!

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Sustainability is the new cool thing

In 2018 the fashion industry made a significant breakthrough as many big-designer brands such as Versace, Gucci, Furla and many more decided to stop real fur production and vowed to producing collections consisting of fake fur only. As the Fashion system currently stands at the second worst Industry in contributing to environmental damage this was a massive plus for both companies and consumers. But what else can be done?… Well this Winter we can expect to see the use of a lot more natural fibres. Pure silks, linen, cotton, wool, Hemp, Rayon, Flax, Bamboo, Mohair and many more. If you can; try buy fabrics or outfits made from natural fibres this Winter. Not only will they feel so much nicer against your skin but they are more durable, long-lasting, bio-degradable, toxin-free and environmentally friendly.

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Leopard Print

As the weather gets cooler, you can be sure to see some leopard print make its way into the market. This year its back again and bigger and better than ever before. As technology has developed significantly over the past few years, fabric mills are able to produce softer, faux fur fabrics to mimic the popular winter leopard print trend. As the leopard and cheetah print dominant the collections of Victoria Beckham and Dolce and Gabbana; the signature feline print has also clawed its way into the evening-wear scheme. From a beautiful silk chiffon to a textured georgette, this print is adding a touch of glamour and femininity to the night-time and we’re so excited to get on board.

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