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If you’re a mother and you’re struggling to find that perfect dress for your child’s wedding day then you’re not alone!! We understand how difficult it can be to find a pre-made gown that suits your style, shape and desired colour. It’s important to understand that your child’s wedding day is just as special and meaningful to you as it is to them. Therefore, it is equally important that as the Mother of the newlywed couple, you look and feel incredibly beautiful too. Sometimes finding something off the rack can be quite a hit or miss, so perhaps a great alternative would be opting for a beautifully hand-crafted custom-made gown. As Fall/Winter approaches, we thought we would delve into all the new, inspiring trends that have hit the market so you can feel just as glamorous and trendy as everyone else.


Designer: Dolce & Gabbana

More often than so, Mothers tend to be quite hesitant to opt for a lace gown; in fear that it may be too dominating and similar to the brides wedding dress. However, this Fall/Winter the runways were flooded with stunning evening gowns, showcasing minimal yet beautiful French laces. A great option for Mothers would be opting for a subtle and delicate lace such as a French Chantilly. This season, laces didn’t overpower the dress so avoid the all over pattern and add a stunning feature on the bodice or sleeve. Less is more!!! If you’re child’s wedding is formal, perhaps a touch of beading scattered throughout the lace could be the perfect glamorous touch to make you look and feel that little bit extra special.


Designer: Elizabeth Kennedy

Everyone loves a well-fitted tailored dress; and we’re super excited for this Mother of the bride/groom trend!! This season its all about that seamless, tailored fit. By using a stunning stiff fabric such as a silk Dupion or Duchess silk, you can achieve a great structured and form-fitting gown that hugs all those curves in the right places. A custom-made tailored dress can create the illusion of a slimmer figure without having to add frills and ruching to hide those areas of imperfection. More so than this, a stunning tailored dress is extremely versatile and can be used for many more occasions in the future. Now we all love a dress that we can wear more than once!!!


Designer: Zuhair Murad

Over the past few years capes have been dominating the bridal industry and now its back, bigger and better than ever before!! As the matriarch of the family, it’s important to look the part and a stunning flowy cape can be the perfect touch to your custom-made gown. A beautiful chiffon or tulle draped from the shoulders of your dress can add that extra drama and elegance. It is also the perfect way to hide or show off your figure depending on the cut. If you love the idea of a cape but don’t want the hassle of the long fabric flowing behind you on the dancefloor, then you can opt for a shorter alternative known as a hood. Similar to the cape, a hood drapes from the shoulders and is often cut at your fingertip length, allowing you to dance the night away.


Ralph & Russo Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2018 in London

Designer: Ralph and Russo

As you celebrate the most special and magical day of your child’s life, it’s important to select a gown that’s not going to restrict your movement. We have no doubt that there will be a lot of dancing and a lot of running around and mingling with guests. The perfect way to make your custom-made gown comfortable and versatile is to add a side slit. A subtle side slit just up to the knee can add a great level of grace whilst still remaining modest and sophisticated.


Designer: CHANEL

As the cooler weather approaches, perhaps you want to consider a well-tailored jacket to compliment your stunning gown. This season we can expect to see a lot of gorgeous woollen tweeds and Chanel inspired boucle fabric. It’s important to remember that you don’t want to take away from your dress, so a simple tweed blazer or ¾ cut sleeve jacket with a cropped waistline finish can be a great option. Whilst most Fall/Winter weddings are based indoors, it’s likely that you will be required to pose for pictures amongst the lovely scenic views of the wedding outside. Because of this it’s important to select a fabric that retains heat and will keep you warm in the chilly weather. Pure wool and mohair are fantastic fabrics to opt for during the cooler months and they make fantastic jackets.


Designer: Elizabeth Kennedy

As the warm weather drifts away and the raindrops and cool breeze appear, it’s a great idea to consider covering up your arms with some amazing statement sleeves. This season its all about playing around with textures, colours, patterns and funky sleeve silhouettes that are sure to draw attention to your special custom-made gown. Expect to see a contrast between delicate and finely fitted sleeves along with over-exaggerated puffy organza sleeves and cuffs. A simple dress with a beautiful sleeve can make all the difference. A sleeve is also a great way to hide any unwanted attention to your upper arm but be sure to remember that when opting for a sleeve with your custom-made gown, it is always most flattering when it ends just below your elbows. A beautiful fine lace or embroidered feature can add a perfect touch of elegance and glamour to your look.


Designer: PRADA

One of Fall/Winters’ most flattering trend yet, has to be the ruched skirt without a doubt!! This trend has been around before but now its back and more gorgeous than ever before. A ruched feature is a fantastic element to add to a Mothers custom-made gown. It’s a great way to cover up any areas of concern whilst still remaining extremely flattering and body hugging. This Fall we can expect to see a lot of skirts ruched down the side to give the illusion of a slimmer figure. It can also be applied to a bodice. If you’re not into lace or beading then a great alternative would be opting for a ruched or gathered feature.


Designer: Bottega Veneta

This season velvet is a must have staple in your wardrobe! It’s one of those fabrics that says it all. You don’t need any detailing or embellishments with a beautiful velvet gown. The luxurious and elegance of a silk velvet is sure to turn heads and we have no doubt you will feel and look incredible wearing it!! This Fall we can expect to see velvet used like never before. Designers have experimented with gathers, folding and drapery to create a stunning effect that falls seamlessly to the floor. A gorgeous ruched velvet dress would make a gorgeous Mother of the bride/groom gown and we’re so excited for this trend!!


Designer: Oscar de la Renta

For all you non-traditional Mothers out there that want to shake It up this year by opting for a gown without lace, then we have a fantastic option for you!! Check patterns and leopard print have dominated the runways this Fall/Winter and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it! Checkard prints came in all variations but we cannot forget the All-over Checkard look that hit the Michael Kors and Versace runway. It’s a fun and alternate pattern that could be incorporated into your gown or more commonly this season, made into a stunning blazer. As for the signature feline print, it’s managed to have clawed its way into the evening-wear scheme yet again. From a beautiful silk chiffon to a textured georgette, this print is adding a touch of glamour and femininity to the night-time.


Designer: Elizabeth Kennedy

The frisky and fun feathery accents have yet again made their way into our top Fall/Winter trends. Straying away from the typical lace scallop hemming, this season is all about textures and drama!! What could be more dramatic than have a train of feathers? Whilst we love this trend, we know that not every Mother wants something overly extravagant. However, it’s important to still look beautiful and special. A feathery touch to your skirt hem or neckline is a great way to incorporate a fun textural element without going overboard. Another great alternative is to add the feathery element to your chiffon throw which can be taken off at anytime throughout the evening.

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