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Many people believe that sleeves on a wedding gown are solely for Winter-based weddings only, but in today’s modern-day society, sleeves are becoming a more commonly used bridal feature for all seasons. Sleeves can be used to provide warmth and coverage to a gown or outfit but it can also be used as a beautiful statement feature to modernise any look.  Spring 2019 will showcase a vast variety of sleeves from different lengths, fabrications, silhouettes and intricate detailing. Finding the right sleeve to compliment your body shape and personality can be quite the challenge- keep reading this guide to learn all about which style is perfect for you.

Seamless Tailored Sleeve

After Meghan Markle’s stunning Givenchy wedding dress, plain styled gowns became extremely popular. A simple, clean-cut sleeve made from a silk satin material could be the perfect addition to complete your custom gown. When opting for a fitted sleeve it’s important to consider the most flattering length for your body. A ¾ length sleeve is the most flattering length for everyone as it can create the illusion of a longer and slimmer arm. This is the most common and popular option for modern-day brides. Full length sleeves are typically known to be more tradition and is popular for more religious brides. However, the long length sleeve looks beautiful and elegant when hemmed slightly above the wrist and paired with a more simple, non-embellished gown. Do keep in mind that long sleeves can often draw more attention to the hips when your arms rest by your side. To avoid any unwanted attention, it is always best to add some form of detailing or embellishments away from those areas of concern and to accentuate and highlight your most flattering and desired features.

Designer: Atelier Eme

Dreamy Tulle Sleeve

Some might call it “80’s fashion”, whilst others may consider it as traditional Renaissance style; but one thing’s for sure….this stunning puffy tulle sleeve is a modern-day hit! Any voluminous styled sleeve, whether it be from tulle, chiffon or queen satin, is best suited to a slim-line fitted gown such as a mermaid, trumpet, sheath or column style. The delicate fine tulle sleeve is gathered slightly at the wrist to create subtle fullness to the sleeve and is hand-appliqued with beautiful French lace. The puffy tulle sleeve is a great way to add a romantic and dreamy feature to any look. The modern sheer element is perfect for brides getting married in a beautiful garden setting or serene beach/outdoor location. The transparent fabric adds a good level of formality, whilst the loosely fitted silhouette sleeve allows for breathability during the warmer weather.

Designer: Elena Morar

The French Lace Sleeve

The French lace sleeve is an absolute ‘classic’ and is suitable for any season. Whilst many would assume that the lace sleeve is an outdated and very traditional style; it’s important to note that this is all dependant on the particular fabric you select. French Chantilly laces are absolutely stunning but the very fine and delicate lace will definitely achieve a more traditional look. Along with Chantilly laces, corded floral laces can also be quite old-fashioned. Both are beautiful and can create a very elegant and romantic look but the fine detail and features aren’t as contemporary as your embroidered tulles, geometric beaded laces and thicker French Guipure laces. The beauty about getting hitched during the Spring time is the weather- it usually has a good balance of warmth and coolness, therefore allowing the bride to opt for a longer length sleeve with any lace of choice. A gorgeous modern sleeve for this Spring 2019 will consist of lattice (criss-cross detailing) and showcase a contrast between a romantic floral design and a modern geometric pattern.

Designer: Amanda Wakeley

Sheer and Short

As the heat picks up during the Spring time, consider opting for a shorter styled sleeve to reflect the weather. Many Spring weddings tend to utilise the beautiful outdoors and all the new, blooming flora; which gives brides the opportunity to have fun with their bridal looks. Whether you’re having a stunning garden styled wedding or a romantic beach-side wedding, this short tulle sleeve will make your custom-gown look super dreamy and elegant. The shorter length will ensure you don’t get too warm as you dance the night away and frolic in the sun for some epic pictures. To achieve a softer look, use a pure silk chiffon or a pure silk georgette for a little more texture. To create more volume to the sleeve, use a pure silk organza; this will allow the sleeve to hold its shape and stick outwards from the body. Add a touch of lace or even a simple embroidered detail can be the perfect little addition to complete the look and make your gown look that little bit extra special.

Designer: Elena Morar

The Polka Dot Edition

This year there has been a great demand for delicately embroidered tulles as bride’s sway away from the traditional floral lace look. Embroidered laces are extremely feminine and can come in various different styles and patterns. A typical embroidered lace consists of a sheer tulle backing, in which a decorative pattern is machine or hand stitched using a rayon yarn. Embroidered laces often come with the option of having it with or without beading; which gives the bride greater selection depending on the styled gown and formality of their wedding. Contemporary styled embroidery usually consists of geometric lines with a romantic leaf pattern to add a delicate and feminine touch. You can also expect to see a lot of embroidered polka dots this Spring as many brides are now opting for a more simplistic bridal look in comparison to something heavily embellished. Whether it be a hail spot tulle or an embroidered lace, we are loving this modern twist!

Designer: Rime Arodaky

Extravagant Statement Sleeve

2019 Fall/Winter was all about the statement sleeve and we absolutely loved it. However, the beloved trend isn’t quite done with yet…the extravagantly styled sleeve has made its way into the Spring/Summer Season. Whether it be a quirky-shaped sleeve, heavily embellished or a flared and voluminous silhouette; this is the perfect addition to complete any bridal look. This stunning flared sleeve showcases a beautiful contrast between pure silk organza and a subtle hail spot tulle. The frilly layered neckline feature extends into a unique bell shape which reflects the seamless tailored fit and flare styled skirt. Atelier Eme showcases a fantastic way to incorporate elegance and regality into any bridal look without needing to compensate with beading and sparkles.  An extravagant statement sleeve doesn’t necessarily mean heavily embellished details and full-length French laces. A statement sleeve could simple be created from divine pure silk fabric and cut in a unique way to add a special, contemporary touch.

Designer: Atelier Eme

Touch of 3D

A couple seasons ago, 3D florals were extremely popular and brides were incorporating it into both their bridal gowns and regal floor length capes, veils and trains. However, this Spring we should expect to see a different take on the beloved 3D floral trend. This stunning gown, designed by the wonderful bridal designer Phillipa Lepley, showcases a beautiful range of hand embroidered and beaded floral and leaf detailing. The intricate hand-work is achieved from a metallic gold thread, along with multiple clear and white beads used to create the inner detail of the flowers. Instead of using laser cut fabric florals as a 3D element, this new trend illustrates a more subtle and traditional way of bringing texture into a bridal gown. The antique gold coloured thread adds a unique contrast against the ivory gown and could easily be used to create a statement without having to over-embellish. This stunning textural feature is created on a pure silk chiffon base which adds a beautiful transparency and femininity to the look. If you’re wanting to achieve this same look you could also opt for a fine tulle or georgette base, along with an embroidered floral lace which can be hand appliqued accordingly, with a touch of beading.

Designer: Phillipa Lepley

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