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This blog is dedicated to all our 2020-21 brides that are yet to get married or our future brides planning their weddings in the current COVID-19 climate. We understand, you are feeling frustrated and disappointed that your once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate your wedding day is impacted by COVID-19. Do not feel guilty or think your wedding is not important, during a health crisis. You have every right to feel the way you do. However, you must not let this get you down. We cannot possibly put our lives on hold, just because of this horrible monster called COVID-19 that no one can seem to get rid! What we can do is continue our lives with what is within our control. You can still plan your wedding without having to cancel your wedding date all together. If you are a 2020 bride and your state government is not permitting weddings to be held, then please consider postponing. Conversely, if you are permitted to have a wedding in your state then please adjust and incorporate a COVID-19 Safe Wedding Plan.

Each month the facts and rules do change. If you are ever unsure, simply visit your federal government website or give them a call, depending on what state or territory you live in. Your chosen wedding vendors should provide you with clarity on updated regulations about a COVID-19 safe wedding. All other states presently are allowed to celebrate and hold weddings, apart from Victoria.

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All our Victorian brides planning to have their wedding within the next few months have been hit hard. As of 6th August 2020, we have gone into stage 4 lockdown, which means weddings are banned within Metropolitan Melbourne & Mitchell Shire. Outside of these zones, couples are allowed to have weddings with up to 5 people maximum. This includes the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant.

For all other brides in Australia and overseas here are a few points to consider and ensure you have put in place the right procedures and processes when developing a COVID-19 safe wedding plan. Once you have devised this plan, assign this task to a family member or friend that will make sure the checklist is followed by your guest and yourself. Pass this checklist onto your venue or other relevant participants to ensure they too are on the same page. Also request and review their COVID-19 safety plan, to make sure their practices are aligned with yours.

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Credit: @_lovecarli by Carli Alexander

First of all, the wellbeing of your attendees has to be monitored prior to your wedding.  When handing out your invitation, also give out an important note attached stating that if guests are unwell on the day or leading up, it is important to stay home and not attend. You can simply send a text message or email as well. Even the slightest symptoms must be considered. Just respectfully RSVP to the couple that you will not be attending due to illness. The principle applies to your vendors, for example your florist, MUA, photographer etc. Talk to them in advance and devise a plan B, in any instance the individual or company is sick. Last thing you would want is your flowers not being delivered on the day!

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When it comes to physical distancing, find out your approved number of maximum guests allowed by your state government, then find out if this total will now be acceptable by your venue. As the number of guests per table and spacing is very important to consider with the new layout by your venue. The general rule is 1.5m distance with people that are not members of the same household. Try to group family members together so they will be seated in the same area to minimise contact as much as possible. Coordinate arrival and departure of guests, to avoid crowding. Sit down meals are only allowed and each guest is to be served separately. Canape services are banned, as guests are not allowed to share plates with each other and must keep their social distance. Some venues do not allow cutlery or glassware on tables, due to the spread of germs. If this is so, then you can consider recyclable disposable cutlery and cups.

Some states have also banned dancing, if or when allowed, make sure you have a large enough dance-floor for guests to maintain their distance. Devise an approach so all guests will be given an opportunity to dance without being restricted. I know this all sounds so robotic, but people will be understanding and cooperate with each other to make your special day seamless.

Music, another important element to a wedding. Consider having one DJ setup. Live singing or bands, (if permitted) will need to keep their distance from guests and each other. At least three to four meters, as vocal singing and wind instruments can spread COVID-19 if a musician is infected.

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Credit: Fashion Raks via Etsy

Ensure hygiene procedures are met, and cleaning equipment are up to date. In Victoria, wearing a mask is mandatory in public. Ensure guests wear their mask or have disposable ones readily available to give out. Hand sanitisers are kept at venue entrances and other appropriate settings such as the bathroom. Make sure your venue has up to date cleaning supplies and you have gone over their COVID-19 safety plan they have in place according to the state government regulations.

Lastly, record keeping is also essential! Keep a record book of all couples attending the wedding. Allocate one person to record contact names and numbers of all the attendees to your wedding, including guests and other participants. This record must be kept for all commercial and residential weddings, regardless of how small or big your event is. Keep this record safely to provide your local government health officer if requested.


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We are all facing a front that is unknown at all levels for our health and just because it is unknown doesn’t mean we have to be frightened. If you are open and communicate with your chosen wedding team, everyone will be willing to work together and stay on top of any postponement dates or adjustments to your wedding day. As a couple sit down and devise a plan that is appropriate for your wedding and you can be sure to keep your guest and yourself safe and still be able to share this once-in-a-lifetime commitment with others.