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Features Of Bridal Dresses

Features Of Bridal Dresses That Make Everyone Love It

A bridal dress is one of the essential items a bride should consider as she anticipates her wedding day. We all know that one cannot wear a shirt and jeans to a wedding because it is inappropriate to do so unless you want to be different from what’s mainstream. Otherwise, choosing a bridal dress for your big day is crucial.

Modern bridal dresses come in a variety of styles. However, it can be challenging to pick the best one. Do not worry, though! We have compiled the best features of bridal dresses. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Full-length sleeves with lace

Given that this is your wedding day, you deserve to show off your curves and body shape. That is why most brides would choose sleeveless gowns. However, if your dress includes full-length laced sleeves, there is something unique and special with that. It will add a lovely pattern all over your arm and the detail and intricacy can often enhance the elegance of your bridal dress. It’s a great way to elevate your gown!

2. Sweetheart neckline

This neckline style is known as a sweetheart neckline because it resembles the top of a heart on the chest area. This feature on a bridal dress will draw attention to your neck and collarbones which is great for any bride wanting to highlight their upper body and bust. Moreover, if you are a bride who is not afraid to reveal more skin, then this is an ideal element to add into your bridal gown. It will undoubtedly show off your form and features.

3. Backless design

If you want your bridal dress to stand out in wedding photos, you should consider adding some drama and detail into the back. A statement back is popular among brides because it looks stunning in photos and is different from the classic bridal look. There are also so many various styles and features you can add to the back of your wedding dress to really give you that wow factor.

4. Split design

A split will undoubtedly add an extra flair to your wedding dress, whether it’s subtle or visibly on show. A wedding dress’ split can appear in a variety of ways. Whilst some gowns have splits that begin at the knee and travel down, others have a high split from the upper thigh. Based on your preferences you can choose a split that is comfortable for you. It is also a wonderful way to add a modern and bold touch into your bridal look and Is incredibly practical and functional- what a bonus!!!

5. Off-shoulder strap

In terms of fashion, the off-shoulder look has grown reasonably popular over the past few years. It highlights the collarbone and is a great way to draw attention to your face and the top part of your wedding gown. A luxurious satin fabric band is a great way to add an off-shoulder feature that is simplistic and modern. For brides wanting to elevate their design further, consider adding an exquisite embroidery or delicate beading.

6. Low v-neckline

A low v-neckline is another feature you may consider adding onto your wedding gown. The V-neckline will highlight and showcase your bust and chest and is incredibly flattering on most body shapes.However, we know that your wedding day will be super busy and most likely include a lot of dancing- this means that you may need to consider adding a very thin layer of tulle between your V-neckline to add extra support and coverage. This will prevent your plunging neckline from being too revealing.

7. Embroidered Finishings

One should not do a bridal dress in a rush. It should be well-tailored and designed creatively through a step-by-step process. When embarking on the custom-made journey, it’s important to think about every little detail and finishing of your gown. When considering a finishing for your dress, why not ask for a unique embroidery or lacefor your wedding gown? It may be a simple flat embroidery or perhaps it’s created using beads, pearls, and sparkly sequins. Adding this gorgeous feature can be the difference between having a standard wedding dress and a bespoke bridal gown.

8. One-sided neckline

Choose a one-shoulder neckline design for your bridal dress if you are wanting to add a distinctive feature that’s unique and one of a kind. The one shoulder neckline is simple, modern and incredibly elegant. It’s also a great way to add a touch of sexiness into your look.

9. Glittery effect

If you have a fantasy of being a Disney princess on your big day then look no further than a glittery ball-gown. Adding a gorgeous shimmery glittered tulle fabric is the perfect way to add sparkle and shine into your bridal dress. Sequins are also another beautiful fabric that will shine brightly when the light hits it and will look fantastic in wedding photos.

Final Takeaway

Depending on the design you prefer, a bridal dress might be simple and sophisticated or elaborate and detailed. Whichever your preferences, you should consider adding some details to your wedding dress to make it unique and special to you. Consider the best features of a wedding gown listed above. Then, by consulting a bridal store immediately to find out which bridal dress feature will work best for you.