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Whilst winter weddings may be postponed until next year,now is the perfect time to plan for 2021! Most of these stunning trends will carry through into next chilly season,so now you can be extra prepared and organised. If you are wanting a sprinkle of Inspiration, take a look at some of our absolute favourite bridal gown trends emerging this winter.

Last year, we saw stunning bridal capes extend to regal lengths with a touch of 3D floral embellishments and gorgeous statement bows. Brides opted for exotic colours with unique corsets and complex detailing’s. But this year it’s all about simplicity and elegance. We can expect to see greater focus on the silhouette of the dress as bridal designers emphasise traditional drapery methods and clean cuts. But do not fear, we should expect to see a lot of contemporary twists from thigh high splits, naked backs to frilly layers and sprinkles of pearls. 2020 is all about keeping it simple but still feminine and elegant. For brides getting married during the cooler weather this year, now is the perfect time to jump in store and find your perfect gown. To help with the search, we have selected some of our favourite Fall/Winter Wedding gown trends, that will surely inspire you.


Feeling audacious and daring? We have found the perfect dress for you!! Despite the chilly weather, this Fall/Winter we are going bold with this stunning thigh high split trend. Splits have been around for years but not commonly found in bridal gowns. This elegant feature is best suited for a sheath style or robe style dress. Not only does it look extremely feminine but it can also be very functional. Splits are often featured in tight fitted dresses to allow for movement and comfort-ability. Whilst many brides may not be as daring to go so high, the split feature can often be customised to a suitable length for your height. To add a more modest look, lower the split just above the knee. We don’t recommend going lower as it still needs to look proportional. General rule of thumb- the higher the split the more elongating.

Designer: Eisen Stein


Whether it’s a little or a lot, pearls are taking the bridal world by storm!! From small trims, and embellished bodices to fully beaded pearl gowns, we can expect to see it all this Fall/Winter. Pearls can come in various sizes and colours. It’s important to select the right pearl for your style and coloured dress. Pearls can be used not only in your bridal gown but throughout your accessories too. From stunning pearl stud earrings to scattered pearl embellished veils, we are obsessed with this new trend. Pearls tend to be a more traditional form of beading but through clean, sophisticated design they can achieve an extremely elegant and modern look. Remember when selecting a gown with any form of beading, you need to consider comfort and functionality. A scattered beading effect can often become extremely uncomfortable when sitting down, depending on the size of the beads/pearls.

Designer: Leah Da Gloria


As another year of bridal trends develop, we are happy to say that the blush tone is not going anywhere. The stunning subtle rouge tone has been a bridal favourite for years and we can totally see why. The blush shade adds a splash of colour and life to any bridal look and can make a simple plain gown a tad funkier and unique. The blush tone can come in many forms, from light pink to faded oranges and pastel apricots. Whether it be an intimate beach or garden wedding to a glamorous ballroom extravaganza, you will not be disappointed with adding a hint of blush to your bridal look. This colour pairs beautifully with both gold and silver accessories. For a more “bridal” look, consider opting for an Ivory lace overlay or a beautiful ivory applique or trim. For brides wanting to achieve a less pink look, consider opting for a beautiful sheer ivory overlay such as a pure silk chiffon to tone down the colour.

Designer: Monique Lhuillier


Another year, another round of stunning statement sleeves hit the market. We cannot complain this Fall/Winter as the much loved and admired sleeve trend comes back bigger and better than ever before…literally! We are expecting to see heaps of oversized, puffy sleeves with beautiful fabric and clean finishes. Whilst statements sleeves have been extremely popular over the past year, this time round it’s all about showing off more skin and accentuating those collarbones and shoulders. The off-the-shoulder feature is a beautiful way to add a touch of femininity to any bridal gown. If you’re considering exploring a statement sleeve, consider a unique, textured fabric. Materials with a good thickness and stiffness will ensure you achieve that perfect volume and silhouette. Consider opting for textured jacquard or a beautifully patterned brocade.

Designer: Monique Lhuillier


Amongst the glitz and glam, we could not look past this daring trend. Whether it be a stunning keyhole or a bordered scallop lace, open backs have been around for years. This Fall/Winter we’re ditching the lace for a more clean-cut finish to add a contemporary and sophisticated look. Whether it be a low cowl drape or a plunging V-backline, if you’re wanting to add a modern and elegant touch to your bridal gown then this is a beautiful option for you. Completely open backs are generally ideal for brides that have smaller busts and do not require any in-built support. Your designer can guide you on how low to go with your dress style and body shape. The low-back trend looks amazing with a stunning scallop lace train or embellished veil. Together, they can make for some stunningly beautiful pictures.

Designer: Hera Couture


This sporty style may look familiar and when we tell you why, you won’t be surprised. The halter neck style became super on trend after the extravagant wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry back in May 2018. That’s right, almost 2 years ago and this sleek and simple look is still killing it in the bridal world. Since the Royal wedding, we’ve come to realise less is more and with such a plain, elegant gown you cannot go wrong. The halter style is a classic look and we’re beginning to think it will never outdate. This style is a fantastic way to show off those stunning shoulders and draw attention to your collarbones. Along with this, it allows brides to flaunt their backs with a beautiful open look. To add a touch of romance, consider making the halter neck feature from an illusion material such as a sheer tulle. With completely plain gowns, it’s often nice to add a level of transparency as a contrast.

Designer: Stephanie Allin

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