The creation of any wedding gown from a humble image is simple for D’Italia’s talented team of bridal designers and couturiers, as their level of expertise means that they can accurately duplicate any style with their own hand-crafted patterns. That’s right… d’Italia can replicate ANY gown from our beautiful range of high-end laces. This expertise also mean that they are experts in lace work, which requires a high level of technical ability. Our Copy-It-Service requires great skill in order to analyse your ideas and to re-create it from the most exquisite fabrics and laces.

Our qualified team have many years of experience and knowledge which can guide you to bringing that stunning designer gown to life, for a fraction of the cost! Nothing is too hard for our team! Bring us your ideas and we will bring them to life!!

Saying ‘Yes to the dress’ is an extremely fun and special moment for every bride but sometimes saying yes to that designer price-tag isn’t as exciting. D’Italia’s Copy-It-Service allows brides to re-create that stunning couture bridal gown that they’ve always dreamed of having. Whether you’re struggling to find your perfect dream wedding dress in store or you’re trying to stick to a certain budget, our team are here to guide you in bringing all your ideas to life.

Our Copy-It-Service allows brides to bring us all their ideas and inspirations, from gowns they’ve seen in store, to images they’ve admired online. You’ll have the opportunity to work one on one with a bridal designer to discuss all your goals and bridal gown must-haves. Our incredibly talented team of designers and dressmakers have years of experience and knowledge from various fashion academies from all over the World. We understand how to interpret and analyse gowns from a simple picture or magazine print, in order to source the most beautiful and perfect fabrics to re-create your dream dress and bring your vision to life. Our Copy-It-Service isn’t just limited to bridal dresses. That’s right, our wonderful team can re-create anything, from well-tailored coats and corporate-wear, to casual everyday-wear, to special formal occasion-wear, bridesmaid’s dresses, coats and jackets, to so much more.


  • Guaranteed fit- You have UNLIMITED fittings throughout the whole process which will allow you to try your gown/piece on as many times as you like. This ensures that all of our brides and clients will walk away with the perfect fit. We will continue to modify and tweak the sizing right up until your wedding day or the day of your event.
  • You get full creative control- We may be the designers and dressmakers, but you’re the real creator of your own gown/piece. We are simply there to guide you and provide advice along the way. So, have fun creating your dream piece from the initial sketch with your designer, to tweaking the style and gown throughout production. The custom-made process allows everyone to personalise and customise their piece to create a truly wonderful, unique and special gown.
  • Access to exclusive, high-quality and customised Fabrics/Laces- d’Italia stocks a wide variety of exclusive fabrics, beautiful French laces, luxurious Italian silks and so much more. Our services allow brides access to some of the most exquisite and highest quality fabrics/laces on the market. Along with this, all of our lovely brides and clients are allowed to customise their fabric colours, lace detailing’s and beaded materials to create a one of a kind (and never before seen) masterpiece, for their own custom piece.
  • You get a World class couture gown for a fraction of the cost d’Italia is made up of a small and extremely passionate team of designers and dressmakers that just want to work with brides to bring their dream bridal gown to life. For this reason, we DON’T charge any designer fees or mark-up our fabrics exponentially. We also provide a completely FREE design consultation and advice service throughout the whole duration of your custom-made journey. This allows us to bring your ideas to life at the fraction of the cost of a designer/pre-made bespoke gown.
  • Hand-made right here in Melbourne- Our high-end couture wedding dresses are all hand-made right here in our Melbourne-based studios, by the most experienced and reputable wedding dressmakers to ensure your wedding dress Is made to the highest quality. Our team have years of experience and knowledge in garment construction, pattern-making, design, styling and fabrication to ensure your piece is brought to life to the highest of standards, unlike off-shore mass produced gowns.
  • Unlimited Fittings with Alterations Included- The custom-made process is done in step by step stages, with multiple fittings to ensure your custom-made gown fits you perfectly and looks exactly how you dreamed it to be. The alteration process is done throughout each fitting by our designer wedding dress makers and is included in the set price so you will not have to worry about paying any additional amounts.

When the day came that I finally saw my finished dress, I was in complete shock! It was everything plus more than I had ever dreamt of

Lauren Bartolo

I could see what my dream dress looked like in my mind, but to have it come to life in store and then with the dressmaker was just magic

Jessica Simionato


Yes, it is definitely possible to be able to re-create that exact bridal gown that you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, not only is it possible to re-create a World class couture gown, but we believe your gown will be much better than an off-the-rack bespoke piece. Whether you’ve sketched it up yourself or have images and inspiration ideas to share, our talented team of designers can bring them to life. Our in-store designers have a great eye for detail and can refer to any image and confidently recommend the appropriate and most suitable materials and laces to be able to re-create your vision and goal. Along with this, our professional Melbourne dressmakers have many years of experience in garment construction, designing, pattern-making, fabrication, drapery and so much more. They have the exceptional skills to be able to analyse and interpret ANY image or magazine print, in order to bring it to life from a 2d image to a 3d masterpiece JUST FOR YOU!

It can understandably be a daunting and nerve-wracking process, however be rest assured that we work with brides every day. We understand and respect the work of other designers and dressmakers, so legally each piece we create needs to have a 10% variance from the original. This is often achieved through minor changes such as the train length, the fabric you select, the beading or lace selected, the colour you desire, the neckline feature or how low you want the back etc. It’s important to keep in mind that no two gowns are ever the same. This is what makes your custom bespoke piece truly one of a kind. No one else in the World will ever have your gown and because of our dedication to achieving the perfect fit, no one except you will be able to wear your custom piece.


Copying an existing garment that you already own and love, eliminates all the guess work associated with creating a custom-piece that you may not have ever had before. For most people, opting for the custom-made route can be a daunting process and one that some may be a little hesitant to pursue. When re-creating a piece that you already own and often wear, you are already making the process that little bit easier for you as the dressmakers can use your garment as a reference to reduce the number of fittings you require.


  1. Book an appointment with us-

Booking an appointment with a bridal designer is super easy (and really exciting). You can contact a team member through many outlets as listed below:

  • Send us a direct message via Instagram or Facebook (@ditaliacouture)
  • Place an enquiry through the d’Italia website
  • Send us an email (
  • Contact us directly on 95094633
  1. Bring your pre-loved garment to your appointment

If possible, it is always encouraged to bring your pre-loved garment to your appointment so our wonderful team of designers can find the perfect fabrics to re-create it, along with taking some basic measurements in order to calculate the meterage required.

If you can’t bring your garment to your appointment, that’s not a problem at all. Ensure you take some great pictures of the front and back, either on a hanger or of you wearing the piece. If your garment has a lace, beading or some intricate detailing, it is always best to take some close-up pictures so our designers can do their best to match the correct fabrics. In terms of colour, to get the best and most accurate representation of your garment, take a photo of your piece in the natural light. This may mean near a well-lit window or outside. Our designers have an incredibly great eye for detail and can analyse your images in order to bring your pre-loved piece to life.

  1. Select the perfect fabrics to re-create your garment-

At d’Italia, we stock a wonderful range of exclusive designer materials, prints, textured fabrics, standard everyday fabrics, laces, trims, beadings and so much more. If you can’t find what you’re after, you will have FULL ACCESS to our Source-It-Service, which means that our team can source and hunt down the perfect fabrics JUST FOR YOU!

  1. Let’s get it made-

You will be referred to one of D’Italia’s expert Couturiers (dressmaker) and will head over to the studio to work one on one right up until the completion of your piece. We have a great team of dressmakers that specialise in various areas of construction, so you will be referred to the correct dressmaker that is perfect to re-create your specific garment. Before we begin, we do a mock-up trial run. This allows all of our clients to try on their custom piece from a cheaper (yet similar) fabric. This is called a toile. During this stage, you are given the opportunity to tweak and modify your piece accordingly.


Our wedding dress designers, bridesmaid dressmakers and Melbourne wedding dressmakers can create virtually anything and everything. From simplistic and contemporary, to exquisite and extravagant, our team can do it all.

But along with this, we have a wonderful team that specialise in various garment designs and construction. Whether you’re wanting a tailored coat for winter, a new blazer for work or a simple summer dress, we have the perfect team to bring your ideas to life.

Here’s what we can re-create:

  • Simple and complexed wedding gowns
  • Bridal jumpsuit, overskirts, veils, tops and skirts
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Mother of the bride/groom outfit
  • Corporate wear
  • Casual everyday-wear (skirts, tops, jackets, pants, dresses etc.)
  • Formal gowns
  • Cocktail and Race-wear
  • Tailored outfits (suits, coats, blazers etc.)
  • Communion and flower girl dresses



Unlike most Designers, d’Italia doesn’t charge a designer or “label” fee. We believe every bride deserves to have their dream wedding dress and as professional Bridal designers and dressmakers it is our absolute honour to be able to make this possible for you. Your initial design consultation is also completely free of charge! That’s right… we will work with you one on one to design your perfect dream gown and select the most beautiful fabrics to bring this vision to life and you don’t need to worry about any fees or additional charges.

Our beautiful custom couture bridal gown service starts at ONLY $2000!

  • A gown without lace, beading or embellishments – $2000-$3000 (average)
  • A gown with lace, or beading or embellishments- $3500+ (average)

Your beautiful bespoke gown will vary in price depending on several factors such as:

  • The fabric you select
  • The lace or embellishment you select, along with how much you would like on your dress
  • If you require in-built corsetry for support
  • How long you want your train
  • How much fullness you desire in the skirt of your gown
  • If you require a petticoat underneath your dress


There are no designer fees. d’Italia doesn’t mark up the cost just because it’s a label. You get a genuine couture dress or outfit made with the world’s finest fabrics, created from scratch, to fit you perfectly—for a fraction of the cost.


Make an Appointment

Obligation free consultation with our expert designers to help outline your perfect dress


Choose the Fabric

We work with your budget to select the perfect fabrics and laces for your dream dress


Get it Made

Our dedicated seamstresses will complete the design, delivering you a unique custom-made dress



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