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The Summer season is by far the most popular time of year for loved-up couples to tie the knot. The warmer weather is a great time to bring your family and friends together to celebrate a milestone time in your life. For all you Summer-loving brides out there, we have explored the best of this year’s Summer wedding gown trends. This season we are straying away from all the heavily embellished 3d floral styles and instead can expect to see a more simple, clean and sophisticated look. From casual boho to classy and contemporary, there’s a dream dress for every bride. Remember that you don’t have to over-embellish to achieve a beautiful and elegant gown. Summer 2019 will showcase a range of beautiful styles and different fabrics that will make you look and feel like a fairytale princess without the petticoats and heavy ball-gowns.


Nowadays, brides are opting for practicality and comfortability over extravagance and heavily embellished gowns. This Summer, we can expect to see a completely new style of gown hit the stores and we are so excited by this! Inspired by the wrap style gown, the Robe style dress takes bridal to a whole new level of functionality. The sleek and elegant style is perfect for beach and garden weddings as the lightweight gown allows for movement and plenty of dancing. The robe style gown is perfect for a casual or semi-formal reception. It can be dressed up with gorgeous heels, stunning accessories and a beautiful veil. For all you boho brides out there, the robe style dress is super fun and flowy and can be paired with a beautiful flower crown and bouquet of florals. Visit d’Italia for the latest wedding gowns.

Designer: Inbal Dror/ Photographer: Jose Villa Photography/ Image via: Stylemepretty


This year Spring/Summer is all about simple elegant wedding dresses. We are swaying away from the extravagant ball gowns and heavily embellished designs. For the warmer weather, brides are opting for a more lightweight, flowy style. Instead of having multiple layers and creating a voluminous gown, brides are loving the tiered skirt design, which gives a gorgeous illusion of a layered gown without all the heavy fabric. Consider changing up the tiers with different fabrics such as a high-grade pure silk chiffon or Georgette with a fine, delicate French Chantilly lace. To add a beautiful romantic touch to your custom-gown, select a beautiful fine lace such as a Chantilly or cotton lace. Avoid heavy and well-defined laces such as a Guipure or corded lace as they can add bulk and will drape differently.

Designer: Temperley London/ Photographer: Temperley London/ Image via: Stylemepretty


Summer may be all about the florals but this season we can expect to see a lot of geometric designs incorporated into your traditional laces. When opting for a geometric lace it’s important to consider the style of your dress and your body shape. To achieve a more elongated look, consider laces that showcase linear lines and patterns that run vertically and parallel to your body. This will give you the illusion of a taller and slimmer figure. To add a touch of summer and romance to your look, consider appliqueing 3d flowers and intricate leaf details over the top of your geometric lace dress. It’s not uncommon for wedding dresses to consist of multiple laces. This can achieve a beautiful, unique look and is a technique often used by top bridal Couturiers.

Designer: Oved Cohen


The statement bow is a fantastic way to add a special touch to your bridal gown without having to over-embellish. Bows can be incorporated into a gown in many different ways. Think about the style of your wedding dress and the area in which you wish to accentuate and highlight. If you prefer to have a stunning back feature, then a beautiful exaggerated silk satin bow that drapes naturally from your waist would be perfect. If you would prefer to highlight the front of the gown then consider which area you would prefer to draw attention too. To show off your chest and collarbone area, then opt for a bow feature along the neckline or shoulder. You can merge the bow into a sleeve or an off-the-shoulder look. Alternatively, if you would prefer to add more drama to the skirt, consider adding a bow feature at the waistline and let it drop naturally along the silhouette of the skirt. When utilizing bows at the front of the dress it is always advised to have them placed on a 45-degree angle. A symmetrical, straight-sitting bow can often look very youthful and less sophisticated and contemporary.

Designer Amsale


Many years ago, wedding dresses were all about the aesthetic and appearance; but not anymore. Brides are now considering gowns with functionality along with beauty and elegance. One trend that has become increasingly popular over the past decade, is gowns with pockets. Pockets not only are very functional but look extremely elegant and regal in photos.  Pockets can be inserted into any ball gown and A-line dress. In most of these dresses, pockets are completely un-noticeable, therefore they won’t detract from the gorgeous appearance of your gown. They can often be very handy on the day of your wedding when you soon discover you need a place to keep your phone and lippy.  When considering a gown with pockets it is extremely important to select the right materials that will not highlight the pocket area. A fabric with a good thickness such as a silk crepe, scuba, silk faille and queen satin will ensure that the pockets are not visible or caught on camera. However, it’s important to note that the pocket bag itself should be constructed from a very fine material such as a silk satin. This will eliminate bulkiness and keep the pocket opening looking seamless and hidden.

Designer: Jenny Yoo


Bridal Jumpsuits are becoming increasingly popular, especially over the past couple years. It gives brides a greater variety of styles to choose from and greater flexibility in movement throughout the day. Bridal jumpsuits are a great option for the reception when you’re wanting to dance the night away without any restrictions. They also allow you to comfortably move around and mingle with family and friends throughout the night.  Keep in mind that jumpsuits are often less formal and are more suitable for a casual wedding reception or a beach and garden venue. To glam up your bridal jumpsuit, consider adding a stunning over-skirt. Over-skirts aren’t just suitable for bridal gowns; they look beautiful over a bridal playsuit or tailored suited outfit. The stunning skirt ensemble can come in multiple different styles. From a simple elegant tulle skirt to a stunning frilly organza layered skirt; there are so many options you can mix and match with your outfit. If your jumpsuit is plain, consider adding a touch of lace, beading or sparkle to your skirt to glam it up. The beauty of over-skirts is that it can be detached at any time throughout your big day and we love a versatile outfit!

Designer: Sebastian Luke

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