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As your wedding day quickly approaches and the nerves kick in, it’s time to start thinking about your accessories and adding the final touches. Over-accessorising tends to be the biggest mistake brides make when selecting their jewellery. It’s important to remember that your accessories are not the statement piece, your beautiful gown is. However, accessories are an important and special feature that can be quite symbolic and add a unique and memorable touch to your outfit. Quite often brides will try to find jewellery alongside dress shopping but this can often end in uncertainty and confusion. It’s important to remember that your accessories will be dependent on the gown that you select for your special day. The venue, dress-code, weather and hair style will also impact which accessory is best for you. If you decide to have your hair up in a gorgeous bun then a short-medium drop earring would look absolutely divine. For all you brides wanting to have your hair down, then consider a simple pearl stud. It’s a great way to accessorise whilst also eliminating the possibility of getting your hair tangled in the earring and we definitely don’t want that happening!! Check out our top Winter suggestions. Happy accessorising!

Regal Capes

There’s no denying that one of the most popular trends for Fall/Winter 2019 has been the extravagant and much-loved bridal capes. Due to an increase in interest, the original floor length cape has seen significant innovation and adaption over the past couple years, making it more versatile than ever before. There are so many new variations on the market, providing a vast range of unique possibilities for accessorising. If you’ve selected a relatively plain gown then a regal cape could be a fantastic alternative to accessorising instead of wearing jewellery or heavy embellished hair features. A beautiful silk chiffon that drapes from the shoulders, seamlessly to your fingertips can be a stunning feature to your overall bridal look. To add a special touch to your custom-made cape, opt for a delicate French Chantilly lace or a Corded lace design for more depth and definition. If your bridal gown showcases any beading or lace then perhaps consider just having a plain sheer silk chiffon or organza. A cape is also a great option for any bride wanting extra coverage over their arms, shoulders and back whilst also not having to commit to any overlays. It shows up beautifully in photographs and can be used as a stunning accessory for your bridal photoshoot.

Designer: Anne Barge

Simple Classic Clutch

This season it’s all about practicality and functionality!! Quite often brides tend to ask where they should store their phone and lippy on their special day and a common response is…with your Maid of Honour of course! But fear no more bridal crew, this upcoming Winter trend is about to make your life a whole lot easier. Beautiful marble and diamante studded clutches are all the craze and we absolutely love them! A simple unique clutch is the perfect accessory to hold all your little knick-knacks on the day of your wedding. A beautiful clutch can also add a unique and contemporary element to your photo shoot and can easily be carried around and placed under the bridal table. For all you brides who want to avoid the hassle of carrying a bag around on your wedding day then perhaps you could consider using this newly-loved trend for your engagement party or hens’ night. You could also consider getting personalised clutches for your bridal tribe, making it a wonderful and memorable item.

Designer: Rae of light BHLDN

Pearl Drop Earrings

From puffy frocks, big bows, large floral headpieces and heavy dangling earrings; the 80’s and 90’s was a time of extravagance and over-accessorizing from head to toe. But this year it’s all about fresh and simplistic design with a contemporary twist. One of 2019’s most popular trend is the simple pearl-drop earring. Consider wearing only one to two pieces of jewellery to ensure that it doesn’t detract any attention away from your face and your beautiful gown. It’s also important to remember that you will be wearing your wedding ring on the day and that in itself is a beautiful and unique accessory. To create another special touch to complete your look, invest in a stunning pair of earrings. If you have any embellishment and beading on your gown then you can use that as a starting point for your research. If your gown showcases some pearls then a pearl stud or pearl-drop earring would look divine. If you have clear beads, sequins or crystals then a clear-coloured diamante would tie in perfectly with the sparkle of your dress. If your gown is heavily embellished then try and avoid heavy dangling earrings. A stud is always a safe and beautiful option if you’re uncertain or indecisive. For any brides who have opted for a plain, elegant styled gown then you could invest in a beautiful statement earring.

Earrings by: MARZO Rosa Clara

Comfortable Footwear

There’s no doubt that your wedding day will be one of the most magical and memorable moments of your life. It’s important to ensure that you will be comfortable and practical on your special day. Afterall, no one wants sore fit and stinging blisters. Whilst many brides love the idea of wearing a stunning diamante embellished heel, it can cause multiple unforeseen issues. Quite often brides wearing heels will step on their train and gown causing tears and holes throughout the fabric. Along with this, heels can make it very difficult to dance and mingle. Remember, your wedding day will be long and exhausting and you will be on your feet throughout most of it so investing in a comfortable pair of bridal shoes will be one of your greatest wardrobe decisions. A great alternative to your typical stiletto heel, would be the classic ballet flat. The most flattering flat shoe would be one with a triangular pointed tip. The pointed tip is very elegant and dainty and can make your foot look slimmer. As bridal flats become more popular over this coming year, we can expect to see a lot of stunning options hit the market from simplistic satin finishes to pearl beaded and crystal embellished detailing. A great tip would be investing in some good quality and comfortable insoles that will ensure you can dance the night away.

Designer: Badgley Mischka BHLDN

Luxurious Fur

As the weather begins to cool down you might want to consider investing in a gorgeous fur coat to keep you warm during the chilly weather. Quite often brides tend to forget about outer-garments such as throws, bolero’s and jackets to wear over their gown. In 2018, many reputable luxury fashion labels decided to cut the use of real fur in the production of their collections. After this drastic faux fur movement, there has been significant demand for faux fur bridal coats. A soft ivory faux fur jacket can add a luxurious and glamorous touch to your bridal look; along with keeping you nice and warm. Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding, or needing a coat to keep you warm throughout your photoshoot, a fur jacket is a perfect accessory and a must have staple for all you Winter brides. Finding the perfect fur coat to match your gown can be a difficult task. Having a custom-tailored coat will ensure that it fits you absolutely perfectly.

Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Jewelled Headbands

A big trend hitting the market this Winter is the crystal and embellished headband. Brides are drifting away from the typical jewelled crown and tiara and are now turning towards simpler and less heavily beaded headpieces. A floral and leaf style headband can add the perfect touch of shimmer and glamour to your bridal look without being too overpowering. It’s also important to factor in practicality when selecting your accessories. A bridal crown can often be quite heavy to wear and has the risk of falling off if not correctly placed. Once the crown is sewn and woven into your styled hair, it means that you cannot take it off in comparison to a headband which can easily be attached and removed. The satin sash on the headband can be sewn and braided into your hair or can be left out and worn as a featured bow. A narrow floral headband is a versatile accessory that can also be worn on many other occasions.


Floral Hairclips

This Winter we can expect to see a lot of gorgeous 3D floral designs from your bridal gown to shawls and draped capes. The popular trend has even made its way into the accessory market, with stunning 3D floral headbands, veils and now clips. A clip is a beautiful and simple accessory that can make a great alternative for all you budget conscious brides out there. Floral clips not only tend to be more affordable than your typical, tiaras, crowns, headbands and combs but they are extremely easy and quick to use, saving you some time and hassle on the big day. However, 3D floral clips are rare to find and whilst most bridal boutiques won’t stock them, you can definitely find them online in a range of various styles and designs. It is always advised to purchase any hair accessory from hair and bridal specialist websites as they tend to be long-lasting and better quality.

Hair clips by:

Embellished Belts

After the most recent Royal Weddings, simplistic design and plain satin gowns are all the rage. But this Fall/Winter is all about adding that special touch of glamour. A great way to add some sparkle to your gown is to opt for a stunning embellished belt. Your belt can be hand-embellished with clear diamante crystals or pure pearls which could tie in beautifully with your earrings or hair accessories. When selecting a belt, think about what other accessories you will be wearing on your wedding day. If you choose to have a stunning headpiece and earrings, it is best to select a narrow and delicate belt. It’s important to not over-accessorize as too many accessories can run the risk of clashing and detracting away from your gown. A thicker belt is best suited for a plain gown with no lace as it adds a unique and special feature. For all you brides who have opted for a fully lace gown, a delicate and narrow belt around the waist is a great option to break it up and emphasise a slimmer waist. Be cautious of which belt you select and where you want it to sit as it can often cut you off and make one look shorter and curvier. In saying that a belt is a perfect option for brides who don’t want to commit to having a bling feature on them the whole night.

Belt by: David’s Bridal

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