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award season red carpet looks


It’s that time of year again, when some of our favourite celebs glam up from head to toe in Designer pieces to showcase some of the world’s most gorgeous frocks and trending styles. This Award Season definitely had a colour trend that we couldn’t miss. A part from the occasional pop of colour, blue was definitely a big winner; from pastel sky blue to a deep rich navy. As for the frocks, they varied from extravagant fairy-tale ball gowns to elegant and simple slim-fitted styles. Designers explored simple drapery and incorporated minimal use of shimmer and sparkle through piped edgings and subtle applique. This year the celebs also wanted to focus on practicality with high splits and small sweep trains. We gathered some of our favourite stand-out ensembles from across a number of red carpet award shows and we can’t wait to share them with you…

Mindy Kaling in Dolce and Gabbana

Zellweger was definitely a front runner for the 2020 Golden Globes best red-carpet fashion. She looked absolutely stunning in a slim-fitted sheath styled gown, created by the wonderful Armani. The dress featured a reverse scoop neckline to add to the soft look of the design. The thigh high split was definitely on trend this season and Renee pulled it off perfectly. Adding a split to your custom gown is a great way to allow for movement but it can also add a frisky and flirty element to a simple and elegant dress. To complete the look, Armani finished off the edging with a stunning crystal-embroidered piping which added that glam factor and a touch of shimmer. Of course, we couldn’t look past the unique pastel sky blue colour that turned heads everywhere.

Renee Zellweger in Armani Prive

The 2020 Golden Globes was known for showcasing a variety of stunning blue toned dress and Feldstein was definitely one of those. Beanie opted for a beautiful deep navy blue which complemented her luscious brunette hair and fair skin. The dress was created by none other than the talented Oscar de la Renta. It featured a beautiful subtle pleated navy fabric which showcased an understated metallic shiny finish. A great way to add formality to any gown is by selecting a high-quality fabric, often with a sateen or sheen-like finish. The gown cinched in nicely at the waist with a fine navy coloured rope as the skirt draped naturally over her hips. Feldstein accessorized with a simple braid-twist headband which matched her belt perfectly. To add a touch of romance and glamour, the dress featured hand-cut floral and leaf motifs which were delicately placed along the neckline and off the shoulders, extending along to her back. Simple, yet so elegant!!

Beanie Feldstein in Oscar de la Renta

Chrissy Teagan looked absolutely gorgeous in her custom Yanina Couture gown on the red carpet of the 2020 Grammy’s. She wore a muted orange toned dress with dramatic trumpet styled sleeves. To add to the drama, she opted for a daring plunge v-neckline which extended all the way to her waistline. In contrast to the flowy, chiffon draped skirt, Teagan’s dress featured a fused and structured bustier. To compliment her extravagant statement sleeves, the dress showcased a simple peplum which extended outwards from the waist. Being practical on the red carpet isn’t always a goal, but this year Teagan opted for a short sweep styled train and a stunning thigh high split.

Chrissy Teigen in Yanina Couture with Giuseppe Zanotti heels

The Grammy’s is always one of the most exciting times for red carpet fashion. The celebs and designers go all out to pull off some of the most glamorous looks in fashion history. There was no doubt that the quirky Lizzo would definitely be one of them. The young pop star wore a stark silk white gown that also featured a simple sweep styled train. But of course, the gown wouldn’t be quite complete without a touch of sparkle. The Versace piece was embellished with silver Swarovski-like crystals which created a stunning design on the bodice and neatly bordered the gown from head to toe. If you thought that a thigh high split and crystal beads were enough then you’re wrong….to complete the look, Lizzo wore a stunning white draped fur scarf that hung beautifully off her arm.

Lizzo in Versace

Scarlett looked absolutely gorgeous in her custom Oscar de la Renta gown. She wore a beautiful fit and flare styled frock, which was created from a stunning oyster coloured silk satin. The slim-fitted gown flared out from her knees and draped naturally to the floor, extending into a decent 1m train. The tailored bustier featured a criss-cross lattice fabric, adding a flirtatious sheer element to the top. To enhance the corset design, the gown also showcased external boning; a gorgeous trend which aims to achieve a nude illusion appearance. To complete the look, Johansson’s top was draped in a fine metallic silver thread. The organic drapery fell seamlessly from her hips and extended all the way to the hem of the gown. She looked so divine and elegant.

Scarlett Johansson in Oscar de la Renta

We could not take our eyes of this show-stopping gown Florence Pugh wore to the Oscars this year. Hand-crafted by the incredible House of Louis Vuitton, this dress definitely turned heads with its eye-catching colour. The teal shade complemented Pugh’s fair skin tone beautifully, along with her blonde sleeked back hair look. The gown featured a plunge v-neckline with fine spaghetti straps that extended over her shoulder. But it was the skirt that made the statement…. the multi-teared skirt was shaped in a high-low style cut which then extended into a very small train. When the high-low style is cut in proportion with your height it can be extremely elongating and flattering.

Florence Pugh in Louis Vuitton

Capes have been in trend for many seasons and we can totally see why. The stunning Guiliana Ranic, showcased exactly why this simple addition is such a trend favourite. Ranic wore a custom Rhea Costa gown in a beautiful hot Barbie pink shade. The vibrant colour added a pop of glamour and a real wow factor to the red carpet this year. The gown illustrated a fitted sheath style which tapered in tightly at the waist and draped finely over her bodice. The one shoulder sleeve transitioned seamlessly into a beautiful cape which extended to the ground. The fitted silhouette also featured a thigh high split which was definitely a designer favourite this year. The split adds a touch of friskiness and fun to the look, whilst also remaining extremely practical.

Giuliana Ranic in Rhea Costa

Zoey Deutch went bold with her look at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Deutch strayed away from flowy dresses and sparkly embellishments, instead opted for a plain wide leg culotte style jumpsuit. To complement her exaggerated pant-leg silhouette, Fendi designed a beautiful voluminous bell sleeve with small detailed cuffs which tapered in at the wrist. In contrast to her puffy statement sleeves, the jumpsuit also featured a beautiful plunge v-neckline which extended right down to the waistline. To add a real wow factor to her look, Zoey went with a gorgeous sunshine yellow colour which complemented her skin tone and accessories perfectly.

Zoey Deutch in Fendi

The House of Cards actress Rachel Brosnahan looked striking in her custom-made Stella McCartney gown. The SAG Awards showcased a range of stunning simple styled gowns but Brosnahan stepped it up a notch with her bold choice of colour. The electric blue complemented her fair complexion beautifully whilst still remaining on trend with the other array of blue shades that hit the red carpet this season. To add a touch of glamour, Stella McCartney added a metallic grey draped chain which softly hung off Rachel’s shoulders and across her bust. Adding a draped metallic chain or beaded feature is a great way to add a feminine and edgy look. When considering your accessories, it’s important to ensure they match the beading feature in your outfit.

Rachel Brosnahan in Stella McCartney

Brie Larson looked absolutely divine at this year’s Oscars. She wore a beautiful slim-fitted sheath style gown which featured a thigh high split and a daring plunging v-neckline. Whilst her style was extremely simple we couldn’t fault how elegant she looked. When opting for such a simple gown, it’s important that the fabric makes a statement. Larson’s custom Celine gown showcased a beautiful soft blush tone with a subtle touch of silver glitter. The vertical line detailing is a great way to achieve a slimmer illusion and elongate the outfit. To complete her look, Larson opted for a beautiful draped cape which fell seamlessly from the shoulders to the ground. When your dress consists of lots of sparkle and a patterned design it is always best to go for a plain, non-embellished shoe as you don’t want to detract from the stunning fabric in your outfit.

Brie Larson in Celine