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You look at wedding magazines and in bridal shops and all you see are slim models and extremely small sizing. But, what about some real shaped brides? Not everyone fits into a size 12 or under dress, and surely not all brides feel like starving themselves before their big day. Nor should any bride feel the need to lose weight or change their size in order to fit into a bridal gown. So, what do you do? Where do you look? The fundamental element of every girl’s perfect wedding day is definitely the wedding dress. Looking for one can be a tough challenge, especially if you do not fit into conventionally-stock standard sized dresses. In fact, majority of brides aren’t always just one size. It is very common that your bust, waist and hips may vary between sizes which can make it even more challenging to find your dream wedding gown.

Martin Thornburg

Designer: Martin Thornbur

Plus-sized wedding dresses are exactly like every other gown. No matter what size you are or what design your dress is, it’s crucial that your gown is produced from the most suitable fabrics with the appropriate corsetry and support. A well-crafted gown with impeccable construction and a high-quality design is the key to nailing the perfect fit. It doesn’t matter what body shape or height you are, every bride deserves to be treated like a princess and feel absolutely amazing in the gown or bridal outfit that they choose to wear on their special day.


Designer: Truebride

Along with finding the most flattering silhouette for your frame, you’ll want to remember these pointers when going into your bridal shop appointment:

1. Trust in your bridal designer and consultant

They may show you a gown that may be outside of your comfort zone and not quite what you expected, but it’s important to keep in mind that they are trained in helping brides find their dream wedding dress. Be open-minded throughout this process and give it a go… you may be surprised at the outcome!

2. Do your hair and makeup before a bridal appointment

If you struggle with visualising, this is the perfect way to help you imagine the whole look for your wedding day.

3. Shop with your trusted bride-tribe only

You want someone you can trust, someone who is honest and listens to you. This may mean bringing only one or two people along to your bridal appointment. Don’t feel bad coming alone or not bringing your bridal party along at all. This is a big decision and sometimes external influences can make it overwhelming and confusing. Do what is best for you and your family and friends will understand.


Designer: Onefabday

Tips for Finding the Right Dress

4. Instead of looking in wedding magazines, check bridal photographer’s portfolios

Don’t get me wrong, bridal magazines are full of incredible inspiration and if you’re lost and don’t know where to start, they’re the perfect resource to get the process going. However, most bridal magazines are only filled with smaller sized brides. This can make it super difficult for you to visualise how you’ll look in those gowns. Instead, consider flicking through various photographers’ portfolios. There is a much higher probability of finding modern bridal gown designs featured on real brides, with various heights and body shapes. Photographers will also often capture natural and candid pictures of their couples instead of extremely over-stylised and posed photographs which most magazines tend to do.

5. Do not buy a dress in the hope that you will lose weight.

We’re all for shedding for the wedding if that’s really important for you. But one of the biggest mistakes that brides tend to make is delaying the dress-hunting process with the hope that they will lose weight. A custom gown can take anywhere between 6-10 months to create just for you and in most cases, you will need to book in 12-18 months in advance. If you leave it too long, you run the risk of not being able to get a custom piece and only being limited to what’s already in stock. Speak to a designer as early as you can and explain to them that you have a weight-loss plan in place. Once you lock in your spot with your dressmaker and you order your materials, your production in most cases will be pushed back to allow you the extra time to reach your goal.

LadyBird Bridal

Designer: LadyBird Bridal

6.Make sure you are comfortable in your dress.

When you try on a gown, don’t just stand and look in the mirror, but also sit down in it to check that it is comfortable and does not bulge in an unsightly way. Can you move properly? Can you dance with your dress? Does it look nice from the back? Pop on a pair of heels and go for a little walk to help determine whether that dress is the right one for you. If you can’t seem to find a gown that fits you perfectly then you’re definitely not alone. It can be very difficult to find a pre-made gown that is both comfortable and fits you like a glove. If you are after that perfect fit, you should look for a Wedding Dressmaker in Melbourne because custom-made is done in step by step stages with multiple fittings to ensure that your gown fits you perfectly by the end, whereas pre-made gowns can never guarantee that beautiful fit.

7.Choose the proper undergarments.

No matter what type of dress you find, you’ll definitely need to think about the correct undergarments. Shapewear is often used to achieve a slimmer and flatter figure but it can also be used to provide a little extra coverage and support. Some undergarments that you may need to consider is a supportive bra, spanx, high-waist shapewear, seamless underwear or a form-fitted slip gown. When bridal shopping it’s not completely necessary to bring all of these along but it is always a good idea to wear the appropriate bra and underwear. Try to opt for a white or nude colour bra as most gowns will be in those shades. A bra that has the options of removing the straps and transforming into a strapless look is an added bonus as this will be suitable with almost every dress shape that you try on.

David’s Bridal

 Designer: David’s Bridal

 How Do I know What Dress Style Suits My Body Shape?


  • Stick with a sweetheart neckline to complement your feminine shape.
  • Select a mermaid or fit and flare style wedding gown. This stunning fitted silhouette will accentuate your figure by highlighting your curves and the smallest parts of your body.
  • If you love the look of a ball-gown, consider a structured tight-fitted bodice with a beautiful full skirt. The fitted bodice will showcase your figure and ensure that your body doesn’t get lost amongst the fullness and layers of fabric in your skirt.


  • If you don’t want to highlight your hips but you love the look of a fuller skirt then consider a soft A-line gown. A ball-gown will often make your hips look larger so consider a softer skirt with flowy movement.
  • Consider adding some lace or detailing onto your bodice and shoulders. Drawing attention to your neckline and chest is a great way to counter-balance your hips.
  • Cap sleeves or some form of shoulder feature can also be a great way to emphasise your top in a flattering way and to draw attention away from your legs and hips if this Is important to you.
  • If you’re wanting to flaunt your bottom and really show off your figure then consider a form-fitted gown such as a fit and flare.

Martin Thornburg

Designer: Martin Thornburg


  • Wearing a bra is a great way to give your bust support but not everyone wants to wear a bra on their wedding day. In this case, consider opting for a wider strap on your custom wedding gown. A wider strap will ensure that your bust is lifted and supported. The wider straps will also allow for you to wear a bra underneath if you end up choosing to do so.
  • Select the correct neckline to flatter your curves and to support your bust. A high scoop neckline, bateau or even an off-the-shoulder design can hide a strapless bra. Avoid open back designs with extremely plunging cut outs in the front.
  • Opt for an in-built corset. A corset is often made from bra cups, fusing and boning which ensures that your bust is supported and that your gown sits nice and flat against your body. A detailed traditional corset cannot be achieved with a low open back so consider a high backline if you feel that you need that additional support.


Designer: Morilee


A strapless wedding dress is definitely not for everyone but for brides with a smaller chest this style is incredibly beautiful on you. Don’t be afraid to have fun and get creative with your strapless gown. Consider a deep low v-backline or a completely open-back look for a real statement and a touch of elegance. Small-chested brides can often pull off plunging necklines or bodices that feature illusion cut-outs as you won’t often need that additional support. However, it is still a great idea to have an in-built corset to ensure that your dress sits perfectly on you and doesn’t move throughout the day and night.

Off the shoulder is another beautiful style that looks incredibly gorgeous on brides with a smaller chest. The off-the shoulder look can come in various designs from a soft subtle tulle draped over the shoulder to a structured or flowy detachable band. To add more fullness to your chest and bust, consider a flowy band that drapes seamlessly across your neckline and wraps around your arms.


Designer: Morilee


For brides that are a little conscious of their upper arms, consider opting for a gown with sleeves. Sleeves are a great way to provide extra coverage and to add an additional statement and interest into the top of your gown. A fitted sleeve is extremely sophisticated and elegant and will not add extra volume to your arms. For brides getting married in the warmer weather, consider a ¾ sleeve or a thick off-the-shoulder band. For something slightly lighter and flowy, consider a flutter sleeve or short mutton sleeve. A mutton sleeve adds a little bit of volume without being too puffy or too clingy.

Angela Bianca

Designer: Angela Bianca

What If I Can’t Find My Dream Dress In Store?

13.When all else fails, go custom

So, you’ve looked high and low but you still haven’t found your perfect wedding gown. If this is you, you’re definitely not alone. Don’t be discouraged! You may need to turn to a professional dressmaker in Melbourne. A designer or dressmaker is a great option for brides that can’t find exactly what they’re after in a pre-made bridal boutique. You will have the chance to create a dress completely from scratch with all of your ideas. Don’t let the dollar signs and pricing scare you from looking for a Bridal designer in Melbourne. With a bit of research and the right dressmaker, anything is possible when you get a gown custom made. Your dressmaker will work with your budget to bring your ideas to life. If you are a plus size bride it is quite important to have the right fabrics to ensure that you are comfortable on the day and that the dress fits you perfectly. The right fabric can make a massive difference to the way that your dress sits on your body. A highly detailed corset is also another great way to achieve a flattering fit and design. It is not always necessary and brides should not feel pressured or feel the need to incorporate a corset into their gown. However, if you do want additional support and an extremely tailored fit then you can’t go wrong with a well-crafted corset. Corsets offer a great deal of extra support–probably one of the greatest wedding gown inventions for plus size bridal gowns!

We hope that our recommendations will help you to find your perfect gown, offered by bridal stores in Armadale. Shopping for plus size dresses doesn’t have to be a scary or discouraging experience. No matter what size you are, every bride can find their perfect dream wedding gown. If you don’t know where to start or who to turn to, our tips and tricks and guidelines are there to help you design and create the perfect piece. Click here to book an appointment with our team of highly talented wedding dress designers.

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