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Jolie Bridal


Designer: Jolie Bridal

Whether you’re after something flirty and fun or something low-key and comfortable, you should not underestimate how perfect a short style wedding gown could be for you. With various different styles and lengths and an infinite range of stunning fabrics to select from, designing a short bridal gown is more exciting than you think. It’s the only time you can really customise and create the perfect party dress from the most glamorous materials and laces. With most Melbourne Bridal shops only stocking the standard floor length wedding gown, it can often be difficult to find the perfect mini dress to complement you and your personality. But don’t fret fellow brides, if you can’t find your dream dress, consider opting for a custom bespoke piece. Tailored to perfection from your favourite materials, you could walk away with a show-stopper of a gown. Who said a short dress still can’t make a statement? With these stunning designs you’ll see exactly why we love a mini gown. No matter what your wedding theme is, there’s always a good excuse to wear a mini. Perhaps you’re tying the knot in an outdoor venue such as a garden estate or by the sea, or maybe you’re wanting to change into a comfortable second outfit- either way we have the perfect looks that’ll tick all the boxes.



Designer: d’Italia // Photographer: @lovemadevisible

If you after something classical and sweet then the mini lace dress could be the perfect one for you. This stunning gown features a subtle Chantilly lace that is renowned for its soft and flowy drape. It falls effortlessly from the hips and is perfect for any bride wanting to add a touch of romance and dreaminess to their bridal look. If you’re not wanting to highlight your figure and stomach then this is the perfect silhouette for you. The lace dress can be an extremely versatile style depending on the lace that you select. You can achieve various unique and fun looks. If you’re after a bohemian, country styled day look then consider opting for a cotton or crochet style lace. A floral and paisley pattern is the perfect way to complete your relaxed and casual style gown. For brides wanting to keep it traditional with a vintage inspired twist, consider opting for soft and delicate fabrics such as a hail spotted tulle or a French Chantilly lace. These intricate and fine laces are absolute classics! For all our modern brides out there wanting something in season and on trend, consider a beautiful embroidered floral tulle or a geometric lace with subtle beading. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with this simple and sophisticated dress style.


Rime Arodaky

Designer: Rime Arodaky

One of the biggest fear’s that brides have when opting for a short wedding gown is that they’re worried that their dress won’t look “bridal enough”. For any bride wanting to jazz up their wedding gown with a touch of bridal elegance then look no further than a stunning statement sleeve. The voluminous balloon style sleeve has been trending for many seasons now and we can definitely see why. No matter what shape or length your bridal dress is, a statement sleeve is always a great idea. It can suit almost every dress silhouette and is the perfect way to add a touch of drama and wow factor to your look. For a subtle fullness in your sleeve, utilise a beautiful delicate fine tulle. This fabric will achieve a super soft and romantic touch to your gown without overpowering the rest of the design. This is more suitable for a fuller skirt or a gown that already has lace all over. For brides wanting to add a little more extravagance, consider opting for a luxurious silk organza. This fabric will achieve a great fullness and will definitely make a statement. This is more suitable for a simplistic shaped gown. If you still feel like your dress isn’t bridal enough then we have the perfect trick in the bag to complete your design- add a touch of embroidered lace or an intricate floral motif throughout the sleeve in an organic scattered pattern. A few silk covered buttons on the cuffs could also be the perfect finishing touches.


Ricca Sposa

Designer: Ricca Sposa

Some of the best bridal stores in Melbourne will showcase a range of unique gowns but finding a feathery number like this can often pose a challenge. This unique design is definitely a rarity but anything is possible when you get a gown custom-made. So, if you’re feeling audacious and daring then this feathery frock could be the perfect dress for you. The full skirt drapes outward from the body, which is great for any bride who is a tad conscious of their lower stomach and hips. The circular fullness is not only a lot of fun to wear but also allows you to comfortably move around and mingle throughout the night. Oh, and not to mention how much fun it is to dance in a gown like this!! When selecting the perfect feathers for your bridal gown, consider utilising an ostrich feather. These feathers are well-renowned for being extremely soft and delicate and achieving a luxurious finish. When opting for a short wedding dress it can be a great idea to add a touch of texture throughout your wedding gown to add a little bit of uniqueness and interest. If you’re not so keen on the number of feathers, consider scattering them just throughout the hemline of the skirt or just along the neckline.


Marchesa Notte

Designer: Marchesa Notte

For any bride on the hunt for a formal and elegant short wedding dress then we know the perfect fabric to bring your vision to life. Most Melbourne bridal stores will showcase a stunning range of floral lace wedding gowns but it’s quite rare and unique to find a stunning 3D floral scattered bridal dress. This motif is the perfect way to add a touch of texture and formality to any gown and it looks especially beautiful on a soft and flowy dress shape such as an A-line silhouette. 3D flowers are often made from a fine silk material but can also come in a sheer chiffon and tulle fabric. These delicate motifs often come in various colours, shapes and sizes and can sometimes even feature some subtle beading and sequinning. To achieve a true bespoke finish to your gown, consider incorporating a variety of different sizes to achieve a more natural and organic effect. When selecting this fabric, it’s important to think about the shape of your gown and the particular motif proportion. For example- when opting for a tight fitted dress it’s best to select a small and delicate sized 3D flower as a larger one will only add bulk and unwanted puffiness.


Isabel O’Gallar

Designer: Isabel O’Gallar

Whilst fringing may traditionally be associated with the outback, we can’t stop thinking about how stunning and elegant it looks when incorporated into a modern short wedding gown. With soft silky tassels and a glamorous sparkly top, we think you’d be all set for a night full of dancing and fun. If you’re wanting to stray away from tradition and opt for something with a modern twist and a whole lot of edge and class then this is the perfect gown for you. Layered fringing is a great way to add a touch of fun and uniqueness to any gown and can look particularly glamorous when utilised in a shorter styled gown. Fringing can often come in various lengths depending on how many layers you’re after and where you want to add this funky addition. This gorgeous trimming definitely isn’t for every bride but if you’re after a statement gown with a stylish party vibe then look no further.


House of Mooshki

7Designer: House of Mooshki

If you’re opting for a more casual, relaxed and intimate style wedding then a classic tea length gown could be perfect for you. This style is an absolute classic and is great for any bride wanting a gown that will stand the test of time. A tea length frock usually features a tight fitted bodice with a beautiful full skirt that drapes seamlessly from the hips and often ends at the knees or slightly below. It’s known for having a beautiful sway and movement in the skirt which adds a great breeziness for brides getting married during the warmer weather. This is one of the reasons why it’s commonly worn for a beach or garden themed wedding. For brides wanting a more classic, and sophisticated look, consider adding a few box pleats in the skirt for added fullness. For brides wanting a more delicate and feminine finish then consider opting for minimal gathers at the waist or a flared full circle skirt cut. To complete this beautiful gown, you can always add a lace overlay or a floral motif applique throughout for a more romantic touch. If you’re wanting to stick with the vintage design then a delicate hail spot or embroidered polka dot scattered tulle would complement it perfectly.



Picture via: Pinterest

If lace or beading isn’t your thing but you’re wanting to add a touch of uniqueness to your mini-styled wedding gown then a touch of drapery could be the perfect addition. Drapery is when the fabric is folded onto your body to create natural and organic style pleats. It’s perfect for any bride wanting to achieve a super modern and contemporary look with a touch of edginess and elegance. Drapery is very similar to ruching but will often feature large folds rather than fine and delicate pleats. It’s extremely flattering and suitable for almost every body shape and dress silhouette. It can look particularly beautiful when the skirt features a wrap or cross-over style or an asymmetrical hemline. The drapery is often achieved by using a structured fabric which allows the folds to hold and retain its shape on your body. Consider opting for a modern fabric such as a silk Mikado for a stiff and structured look or alternatively a luxurious silk satin crepe for a soft and delicate finish.



Designer: BHLDN

Whoever said a mini wedding dress couldn’t be extravagant? Well fellow brides we have the perfect mini number that’ll surely make you dazzle and shine on your special day. Sequins are a great way to add a touch of glamour and formality without the long train and layers of fabrics. When opting for a sequin fabric, consider a simple and minimalistic style as the fabric is enough to make a statement. A fitted dress with a loose and flowy sleeve for contrast is all you need when selecting this stunning fabric. Sequins are our personal favourite for so many reasons. The small shaped embellishment is super lightweight and comfortable to wear unlike heavy and bulky beadings. Sequins also often come in various colours, shapes and sizes and in some cases, they can come in unique patterns or scattered effects. For brides wanting a subtle shimmer and nothing too strong or overpowering, consider a small clear sequin.


Markarian Bridal

Designer: Markarian Bridal

If you’re looking for something simple and plain but with a little edge and elegance then the wing addition could be the perfect way to complete you short wedding dress. Many bridal stores in Melbourne have been stocking this stunning cape style feature as this trend has become increasingly popular over the past couple seasons. The wings are often made from a soft and delicate sheer tulle material which is lightly gathered at the shoulders and drapes effortlessly to the floor. However, this versatile feature can be made in various fabrics depending on the look you’re wanting to achieve. For a more contemporary and sleek design, it is best to utilise a solid material such as satin back crepe or faille. For a little more drama and structure, you can even use a silk Mikado or luxurious queen satin. If you’re wanting to achieve a more delicate and feminine touch then a sheer tulle would be the perfect option for you. The wing addition is a beautiful way to add a little more formality and glamour into your bridal look. It is suitable for all types of gowns whether yours is short or long, plain or embellished.


Asaf Dadush

Designer: Asaf Dadush

To all our boho brides out there, this gown is the one for you. Bohemian style wedding dresses are often associated with long and flowy silhouettes with voluminous angel flared sleeves but for brides that are after something a little more casual and comfortable then this stylish mini dress ticks all the boxes. To re-create this stunning gown, consider utilising a crochet or cotton guipure lace. Avoid fine and delicate laces and opt for something with a little more thickness and made from a raw organic fibre. A beautiful paisley swirl pattern or circles and arches are a great way to capture the boho vibe. To add a touch of formality to your mini wedding dress you can consider adding a trimming such as a tassel, cotton floral lace or fringing for a bit of fun. Remember it’s all about comfort and keeping the style simple and relatively relaxed. Avoid heavy beadings and sparkly laces to really capture that organic bohemian glamour.

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